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  1. Snb12
    I deal with very bad pain to were i can't get out of the bed everyday and see a pain doctor and get hydrocodone for pain
  2. Brianleroypowell
  3. Hulkster
    What can you take that's natural to replace metoprolol 50mg... Can anyone help with the answer
  4. Kklove89
    New to this forum.. Found this while researching lyrica after being prescribed. Found the information helpful and detailed (:
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  5. Roadrunner
    Who dares wins.
  6. wendy
  7. Petals
    Doing the Lyrica float
  8. Freakzilla
  9. Albert
    Hi im albert from albania i just you know any pharmacy that ships generic cialis towards albania thankyou
  10. Michael Cross
    Michael Cross Newman
    Was wondering about Texaschemsit. Is it legit?
    1. Newman
      No problems. Have used them a few times and they're fine. Been a while since I have been on this forum though :)
      Oct 12, 2016
    2. Sandy Jones
      Sandy Jones
      We can also help you get the things within US .
      Nov 4, 2016
  11. Meyouch
    Dealing with Fibromyalgia and anxiety.Lately it's kicking the booty:(
    1. Sandy Jones
      Sandy Jones
      we can help you in anti anxiety medications get back to us .
      Nov 4, 2016
  12. shadowrydr420
    Just ask me anything
  13. veronica
    veronica Lester
    Hi , Lester I'm Vero just joined today too. I'm going thru the same thing you did I take oxcycodones 15 mg. 2. 3x a day building a tolerance
    And the pain is still there.
    I heard methadone works well for pain. Can a doctor prescribe methadone? I would just hate to ask for it and then have her send me to the methadone clinic. Need some advice .
    1. Lester
      Hey Vero... A family doctor can prescribe it if you are a chronic pain patient and are not responding well to other meds. But ya, It's not easy to get a doctor to prescribe it.
      Jul 18, 2016
  14. House
    I am always around...
  15. batman
    out hunting the bad pharma guys on my bat mobile
  16. Rad
    health is wealth... they want too much wealth for our health.