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An experience report on Viagra

PF Admin, Nov 13, 2015
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Sildenafil citrate, known by the brand Viagra for most is a PDE5 inhibitor that is used as an aphrodisiac in males and stimulates blood flow to the penis. I have Viagra quite a few times in my life and have used it to counter stim dick. I have also had it in times when I have been really really dehydrated and under-slept.

Have also used it when I have slept with people who I have no interest in but I just go on with because I feel bad saying no really... I have no low or high dose experience really, because I have had the standard dose every time... no weaker or stronger variant generic viagra.

It's quite effective in helping stimulate and keep an erection, feed the good one and in general. I noticed different kind of stimulation than viagra-less regular sex though, wherein it felt like I had a lot less feeling in my genitals when I am on Viagra. I found lesser stimulation in the whole penile area. I found my balls were more stimulated or weird...

It takes 30 minutes before it works noticeably...and an hour in it really is fuckin working.

A lot of people say sildenafil is not an aphrodisiac because all it does is stimulate blood flow, that’s true in the actual sense, I mean it doesn’t give you lust or libido and apparently if you have no interest in the other person, you still won’t be able to get and maintain an erection. I don’t think that's true... from my personal experience just touching down there for small amount of time, and even if I am wholly disinterested in the person, it has been enough to manage a really fuckin good erection.

I found that my erection lasted long and I found that after ejaculation I was pretty much ready to go again in a minute. Normally it would take me 6 to 7 minutes to have a go again... So yeah, I found the times in between were just a lot quicker. I found that it enhances the amount of time that I can have sex for. Normally a love making session could be between 20 minutes to anywhere about 90 minutes. But with this I could average maybe about 2 hours 30. minutes.

The extended sex is partly maybe because it lacks the same kind of stimulation and I find it harder to ejaculate. The actual physical sensation of orgasm too is less and it felt different to usual sex. I didn’t get the same body feel, I didn't get the tingles through my spine.. I didn’t feel the same sensation, but I felt stronger in sex and more primal in a way, but I felt a lot less intellectually and emotionally stimulated by the experience. so it was not worse or better, it was just very different. This is my experience, so don’t take this as the gospel or anything.

I also found that I encountered some problems with it, not in the erection dept... but in my back.. I felt slight pains in my back and I felt that my neck muscles and back weren't as strong. I found that once the effects of Viagra subsided, this problem went away with it. I also feel quite tired after Viagra wears off for some reason. I don’t feel quite tired after sex on Viagra though, not sure why that is... Right after sex I might feel like hufff... but then I feel quite fit and capable right after that. But it's just that when the Viagra effect itself drops after few hours, I just feel strange and tired.

So my conclusion would be that Viagra is extremely effective erectile dysfunction chemical. For me it seems to work irrespective of whether I have sexual interest in the person or not. In those terms, I think it works as an aphrodisiac. I mean while it doesn’t increase my libido before the act, having an erection kind of increase my libido anyway and because I am ready, it doesn’t matter how much interest I have in the other person, once I begin to experience, it starts to become enjoyable generally...
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