5 inch penis girth ok?

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  1. Arch

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    5 inches girth is really small nowadays maybe ? Its only my outlook.. Even with a girth of 5.3” my dick looks pretty skinny from the top view.

    So I wonder if its about getting that wide stare ? I can’t get it with that size but maybe you could be a man with 6-7” long penis but still not look big enough.

    Maybe it’s the appearance of a wide penis which matters rather than how flat it is or not , the overall width is what will make it appear haing more girth compared to mine.This is just another girth post with a different view and outlook , what’s your opinion guys ?
  2. Rad

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    This is more like the saying which goes like .. A man’s foot has similar length as his elbow to his wrist . A lot of people may not agree to it but they end up believing once they get over the fact that everyone looks at body parts differently and from diverse angles. Hence everyone has a varied perception of their own body parts and its size.
  3. turvell

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    I kind of get what you are trying to say . My girth is about 5.5” and when I look at it from the top , it does appear skinny at times but when I stand in front of the mirror and have a look (the way a girl sees it ) it appears much bigger not just in girth but also length. Probably that’s the reason a lot of girls have wrong perception about their partners dick size and create stories like “My boyfriend is 10-12 inches “.
  4. batman

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    In response to the OP , no a 5” girth would definitely not be considered as less or thinner,“nowadays”.I wonder what that even means? Dicks never evolved in size over the past generations or 100s of years.. or did they ? So 5” girth was never really less nor will be but if you ask most people here if they would like a girth in the 6” range, I bet everyone would love it .
  5. marine

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    Currently I stand close to about 4” of girth and at exceptional instances or on a good day its close to 4.2” , which is somewhat on the thinner end and if I look down upon it , for sure I may feel sad and get messed up in the head about its real size. Its more of a result or effect of foreshortening. Every time I look from the top it appears like a pencil but give it a look in front of a mirror from various angles and you can get the entire picture clearly.
  6. FartMan

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    Just 4 days back I stopped watching porn completely. I made up my mind that porn can destroy your sexual performance if not controlled or but the issue is porn addiction can be very difficult to control. Earlier my girth of 5” seemed fine and I had for sure seen videos with penises similar to mine or much smaller than my previous size. Regardless of this I loved seeing videos with men having more like 7 X 5.5” or better dimensions. As of now my dick is somewhere close to 6.7x5.6 . Only if you have a downward curve to your erect penis, you will get a bigger and fatter appearance or else it may look much smaller from top view.
  7. spike

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    My ex girlfriend was with a guy previously who had a girth in the range of 6 to 6.5” .Although when I met her I was close to 4.75” but quickly gained some and was around 5.1-5.2” . Regardless of these statistics the fact is that her ex could never please her to the point of a proper orgasm .His way too large girth scared her and she avoided getting laid with him .Even giving blowjob without using teeth was difficult for her. So she ended up telling me that her previous guy who was had it thicker than mine was a really bad lover whereas my average thin and fairly long penis provides her proper orgasms without the requirement of stimulating the clit manually. This gave her the opportunity to feel what multiple orgasms are like as well. By stimulating the A/deep spot and using the right techniques I was able to easily make her come in just 4-5 minutes .
    What I mean to say is a really long penis or extensive girth won’t make anyone a great lover and don’t go by the assumption that every girl wants a 6” plus .
  8. House

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    Some of the things that are actually of significance and women appreciate is a strong EQ , having an erection that stays till the moment they are satisfied , using the right techniques, being understanding of their needs and wants and your personality in bed.
    Some women prefer small dicks, some prefer really large one’s and many don’t even have a particular preference. These things mentioned above are the truly important factors.

    Baring some exceptional cases , most men do who do PE for better girth or size and actually do it for their own self-esteem and not the woman. Having too high increase in length or girth can also carry some risks .Most women can adjust to different range of dick sizes but the range may vary for different woman. I know a lot of guys who actually can’t do quickies due to the fact that they too big for their women.

    I like to research and read a lot from and all the data I have gathered over the years, my opinion is that 5” of girth is anyways on the higher side. I have seen so many women saying they fin 4.5”-5” girth to be pretty thick. Of course it varies for each woman. Majority of Japanese condoms have a 4” girth and world over most studies show that ethnic variation is a myth. Probably 4” sells there because the men and women over there find it comfortable.

    Anyways one should not be over-thinking the size thing since it’s not healthy for the EQ and can disturb your peace of mind. In my opinion, PE should be focusing more on EQ, stability and stamina .These are some of the factors that make maximum difference for partners to enjoy sex.

    The most popular topic on this forum is this - Best place to buy Generic Viagra & Cialis online? , obviously for good reason :D
  9. Vivian007

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    After 2-3 years of being into PE, statistically one could say that I am pretty blessed (8” length and 5.4” girth) when compared to average size of a male. During PE and edging I really like how my penis appears and feels but it’s not the same when having sex for some odd reason. Most girls do end up exclaiming that it looks so big when they see it for the first time but when I finally penetrate it just doesn’t feel that tight nor do they complain of any pain (I don’t wish for it but still). All of this makes me believe a man is truly blessed in size when has a large girth since that is what makes the women feel it all tight. Another weird thing is when I had a shorter length before the PE, I have memories of hitting the cervix but now a days I rarely bottom out even I try really hard.

    It’s possible that my PE penis is bigger than my actual intercourse penis.Regardless I just feel a girth less than 5.5” is not on the thinner side but also not too large or extraordinary.
  10. Howard

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    I have a 5-5.1” EG and a 1.75” of width. Upfront it looks like it has a very good girth and without seeing the complete dick the 1.75” of width may be equivalent to about 5.5” of girth . (If I measure straight at the center of penis which I don’t and instead measure at the fattest part at the end of the penis) .Ofcourse no penis is completely cylinder-shaped hence from different angles it can look mediocre in size or something better than other angles but mine definitely doesn’t look too thin.

    Also my dick is thinner near the base and at the head so there is this illusion of emphasizing the fatter center portion of the dick. Trust me your shape and angle of your dick can create lots of illusions in your head.

    The angle and the way you look at as well your mood and mindset also matters a lot. There will be days I feel really sad about my average girth then there are days I feel proud and happy about my penis. The mood, mental and physical health, light conditions, angle , sex experience with previous partners and their opinion are also some elements which play a major role .
  11. Biggie

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    Hello everyone. I have recently joined here. Just came across this discussion and thought of giving my 2 cents of opinion. I am currently at 6.5” of length and a girth of 6” . The extreme thickness makes it look really short and it can get depressing. Infact until I had properly measured it, I was always under the delusion that my dick is really small. I wouldn’t mind letting go an inch of my thickness just to gain some in length. Having said that, all the women I’ve gotten laid with have sensed some kind of pain during the initial sessions, to the point that few even said it reminded them of the day they lost their virginity and the ones’ that returned back for further crazy sessions (majority of them) ended up adjusting to the extra girth sooner or later.