Any kwikmed reviews? Any scam reports or complaints??

Discussion in 'General Health, Pharmacy & Drugs Support Forum' started by Alex_F, May 23, 2018.

  1. Alex_F

    Alex_F New Member

    I was checking out kwikmed, looks very expensive. Has anyone used it and how reliable is it? Any alternatives to this in the US? Any coupon?
  2. Job80

    Job80 New Member

    Well, I am not sure which drugs are you talking about, but KwikMed.Com only offers Propecia, Chantix, Viagra, Cialis, ella, Staxyn, and Levitra. The company is well established . So yeah, you can say it is reliable. Coming to using the website for ordering, I have been doing it for some time now. Have to say it is convenient.
  3. Joseph

    Joseph New Member

    I have used Kwikmed. For starters, it is a licensed pharmacy and has standards far better than Walgreens imo. I have ordered Cialis and Levitra, and both have worked well for me. Once I ordered Viagra, but when it did not work, I checked with the pharmacist who said that drugs would not work at the same for everyone. For some, it might work quickly, for some it may not.

    I have regularly ordered from this site and took the assistance of their doctor to get a script. No harm in trying it.
  4. batman

    batman Member

    Nope!!! I do not wish to pay shitloads of money for a 3-pill order if I can get the same elsewhere. Stay away!.
  5. Benhadley

    Benhadley New Member

    I had my doubts with regards to KwikMed. I had ordered ella and was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered very quickly. Thanks to them, I was able to have some fun with my boyfriend. He also ordered Viagra 50 mg, and it was delivered in two days’ time. Since we have taken these drugs before, we had an idea about what to expect from these pills.

    Agreed that they are not cheap, but when you compare it with going to your doctor and then getting it filled, this is not a bad deal imo.
  6. fracas

    fracas New Member

    KwikMed offers great service. The medicines are real with real physicians available to answer all your doubts. Guys, they have earned themselves a long-term customer in me. They seem professional.
  7. Kevins

    Kevins New Member

    I have ordered about four or five times from this site and must say I am disappointed. The first time I ordered Cialis, it worked fine, second time ordered Levitra, and effect was okay. The third time I ordered Viagra and think what I got was a dud. Total waste of time and a rip-off.
  8. supremeshit

    supremeshit New Member

    Their prices are so ridiculous, I almost fell of my chair when I first visited their website.
  9. tatum

    tatum New Member

    I had ordered Chantix from there and pleased with their prompt service. I placed an order, and the website’s physician reviewed the same in quick time.

    I agree that the pills are expensive. Btw, when the shipment was not delivered due to my absence, these guys called me to let me know that the shipment had arrived and I can collect it from the local FedEx office.
  10. telekinesis

    telekinesis New Member

    Ordered Viagra and a pill splitter. The package sure arrived very fast, but the pill was dud. I took 50 mg and felt nothing. The next night I took another 50 mg and still had no effect. I went to my local pharmacy and got my script filled and I had an amazing time with only 12.5 mg.

    I complained to the company and was told that I would get a call soon. Still waiting for that call.

    Either I received a dud or got a pill that has somehow lost its efficacy. DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON THEM.
  11. ErectileReptile

    ErectileReptile New Member

    You want a boner? Sure sir, that will be 1 arm, your left leg and your right big toe :p