Are chiropractors medical doctors? do they go to medical school?

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  1. desperado

    desperado New Member

    Can anyone tell me if chiropractic education is equivalent to a medical doctor? I have heard many chiros declaring the same, but I find it hard to digest. Any answers on the same please…
  2. Renzi

    Renzi New Member

    No no, absolutely wrong. Both the curriculum and syllabus are different in so many ways and they can never claim to be as qualified as the medical doctors. But I have even seen a few who know what they are doing which makes them better than the medical doctors. So, it depends on the chiropractor’s knowledge, but what they learn is totally different.
  3. David

    David New Member

    I am lucky to have a very skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor as our primary care doctor. Let me share my experiences with you. When my wife passed into a premature labor, my chiro diagnosed her immediately with the malposition of her spine. He had a look at her X-rays and started her on antibiotics. The second instance was when my son was born. He had breathing troubles and my chiropractor diagnosed him with respiratory distress syndrome. He then treated my son with surfactant and immediately cured him. In a matter of a few days, he was totally fit and fine. I hope what I said helps.
  4. Pat

    Pat New Member

    The training given for chiropractors is not even close to what physicians get. I know they are called as doctors when it comes to practice, but the training is not even competent enough to compare them to a physician. DC is not even recognized as a medical degree. In fact there are many hospitals where chiropractors are not even referred to as doctors. Also, they do not have any prescriptive authority. So, kindly do not replace your physician with chiropractor.
  5. Elin

    Elin New Member

    Chiropractor is a doctor but he is not a physician. I am a chiropractor myself and I would like to tell you that we are not educated or trained as well as the physicians. Their standards are entirely different. DCs are only meant to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders and nothing more than that. I do agree that a few turn out to be really good at what they are doing, but still they cannot be and must not be equated to physicians.
  6. Pat

    Pat New Member

    I would like to mention a quote about chiropractors here:

    "First of all, most of the patients who are most effectively cared for by chiropractors are patients for whom medicine has no clear or easy answers. This should be an ideal ground for synergy, and that is evolving, in many quarters. Of course, not all patients are good candidates, for one reason or another, for chiropractic care. Also, some need further investigation of potentially serious complicating problems before chiropractic treatment. It is in the latter area that medical physicians should be particularly skilled."
  7. Miss

    Miss New Member

    I happened to go through this post and I was confused myself. So, I took out the purple book and made a quick review. I could not find anything that said that MD/DO should meet the basic educational requirements to be a faculty in any institution outside of HSDM or HMS. Do you think a professor of biology holds an MD degree? I haven’t heard of it till now. I think those who have the purple book with them should make a quick review.
  8. Jamo

    Jamo New Member

    Why is everyone comparing chiropractors to a physician? I would like to ask the person who started the thread as to why he requires this information. It is a very funny thing to compare between the both. Are you planning to replace your physician with a chiropractor, then I would suggest you not to do it. But I do not think there is any requirement to have a row over this. I still did not understand the purpose of starting this discussion in the first place. Sorry to say this, but it is a very vague discussion.
  9. Mecha

    Mecha New Member

    Chiropractic training/education is only concerned with diagnosis and treatment of neuro musculoskeletal diseases. It is not extended anywhere beyond that. I think this is a very silly discussion and we can come to a conclusion that chiropractic education is not at all at par with medical training. So, they should be treated as doctors for in issues concerning anything other than musculoskeletal diseases.
  10. Miss

    Miss New Member

    I think with this discussion comes awareness that chiropractors are not to be treated as medical doctors. I know that there is a chunk of our population who run to chiropractors as their primary doctor instead of a medically qualified physician. It is high time you stop doing that for your own safety and for the safety of you family members. And chiropractors should also make it a point to refer the patient to a physician if they come across something that is beyond their level of training.