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    There is generally a lot of chatter and curiosity of the average penis ;length and girth and also about the penile size preference of women. So I dug up some information and thought we could put this out for discussion.
    StudyAvg Flaccid LengthAvg Erect LengthAvg Girth
    Wessels, Lue & McAninch (1996)3.48"6.20"4.84"
    J Chen et al. (2000)3.27"5.35"4.29"
    Schneider T et al (2001)3.39"5.70"4.88"
    The 3 notable studies studies that actually clinically and factually measured penis sizes of thousands of men show that the average penis size of a man is actually 5-6" long. All measurements are bone-pressed. Interestingly on online forums most people report lengths well over this size :p , some of them have probably not ever measured their dicks lol.

    The charts below show the length and girth percentiles after averaging the 3 studies mentioned above.
    They are percentile scores - 40 percentile means 40% of men are below that figure. And th studies indicated that if you have a 7" long erect penis, 93% of people will have smaller dicks than you.

    Few more pointers from other such studies

    1. In the 1960s, famous Kinsey Sex Institute study asked over 3500 college students to measure themselves. The reports revealed the following
      • average penis length: 6 inch (15.2 cm)
      • average penis girth: 5 inch (12.7 cm)

    2. Then there is the now famous Richard Edwards' Definitive Penis Size Survey Results with over 3000 participants.
      • average penis length: 6.3 inch (16 cm)
      • average penis girth: 5.1 inch (13 cm)

    3. Another survey is the one done by Durex (just under 3000 participants).
      (not online anymore either)
      • average penis length: 6.4 inch (16.3 cm)
      • average penis girth: 5.2 inch (13.3 cm)

    4. A more recent study was performed by Lifestyles Condom Co. in Cancun Mexico in March 2001. They measured 300 college-aged students.
      • average penis length: 5.9 inch (15 cm)
      • average penis girth: 5 inch (12.7 cm)

    What penis length and girth do women prefer. What satisfies them?

    Below is an interesting chart made by penissizedebate and I am not convinced that this is a factual one. The author just claims that he jotted the chart after receiving reports from his female readers, but it could as well be something that he filled in himself :p But here is the chart anyway
    Anything under 5" length and under 4" girth is not satisfying. Satisfaction starts with penis over 5.5" length and 4.5" girth. Perfect bliss is with penis over 7" in length and 6" in girth. Gulp, if this is correct info, I don't stand a chance and neither will 96% of men :oops:

    EDIT: 2020 update
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    I actually think the average penis size is well under 6" HouseHouse - I can find a very large clinical study - the Journal of Urology study, where researchers found average penis size of 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5.1 inches when erect. I really think there would be more people under 6" than over it.
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  3. marine

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    I have been insecure about my below average penis size all my life. I am just over 5" erect. And I am not sure if the average penis is under around 5.5" as indicated in the studies. most of the penis' I have seen of pictures of nude beaches and in amateur home made porn have flacid penis of 4" and erect penis' of more than 6". Even their girth seems considerable.
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    What you refer as amateur porn is mostly commercially produced and where well hung men are selected. Even with those home produced ones, its probably mostly the plus sized men who go about showing their dicks to the world. Your sample size has a bias. Fact is people with large dicks are more likely to be an exhibitionist than men with small or average dicks :)
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    So there's around 6% men with 7" or more and 1.73% men wth longer than 7.5" dicks and just 3 out of 1000 men with 8" or longer dicks. So there's still 4 million men who have extra large dicks. Thats still a lot of big dicked guys lol
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    Interesting information and just what I thought. Good to know all measurements were bone pressed because some fat guys have 2" fat pads and their dicks would looks smaller than they really are. When I lost weight my dick much longer than it was before - day and night difference.
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    Good info.
    I'm around 5.625 girth and 5.75 to 6 long.. Puts me a bit over average maybe
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    Bless your heart. You have a lovely size, and most women will consider you to be "blessed." I always considered "function" to be far more important than size. The guy who knows his way around a woman's sweet spots and is not one of those cats who "aren't all about THAT," but will certainly demand "it" for himself. Then last only 10 seconds and deposit sperm in your mouth without even a "May I?" One poor guy who actually fit the nasty descriptor "pencil-dick" was never told of any short comings that he may have presented. The girl code stood him well. Girl code: If you can't say something nice...etc., you know the rest. I bet that I sound like a madam in a fancy pink cat house. Although I was not that experienced; I was rushed by a great sorority. We looked out for one another and shared important information. We also loved to swap "tales of the dark side of dating." I was fortunate to have married my best lover. He passed away after 20 wonderful years together and I won't look around at this late date. I had the best and I'm ok with that.
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    wow! KarinathemagicianKarinathemagician you sound like a wonderful fulfilled woman. God bless you too :)
  10. Karinathemagician

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    Thank you. God was kind to me. He gave me everything that I wished for in a man. When that perfect man asked the right question, I wanted to do the happy dance, but I kept it together and said "Yes." No complaints here. He had what you seem to have and we thought it was wonderful! Just remember to find out about your partner's likes and dislikes and if you are willing....hey, go forth and have great sex!
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    That is some research you've done. I think there's not a single man that hasn't measured his dick at least once. There's something inherently magical about the process.
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    Anything over 4" is enough to satisfy a woman. But then a large dick is a feast for the eyes too, just like how men love boobs, that's what my wife says ;)

    Less than 5" small
    5-6 inches medium
    6" and larger big.