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    The Humana on line drug services should be avoided unless you have 5 or 6 hours to waste every time you need a prescription to be filled. Besides being on hold for 20 to 25 minutes on the phone, the vast majority of the time I'll finally end up with somebody who barely speaks the English language or was recently hired after being unable to take orders at McDonalds.
    I get phone calls from Humana saying things such as my doctor's signature doesn't look
    correct, my doctor didn't respond to a message that they sent him on New Year's Day and they won't be able to fill my prescription or they don't understand the medicine that he has
    written my script for. They have used every excuse in the world except saying that they don't honor scripts unless it was written on the doctor's birthday.
    In one day, I called them 6 times for the cost of a new medicine that my doctor wanted me to take. I got 6 different costs from Humana from "No Charge" to 231 dollars on the same medicine in one day. No matter what question you may ask them, EVERY person to whom you
    speak will give you a different answer. At the age of 70, I have used a lot of different drug services but Humana, by far, is the worst company with which that I've ever had to deal. Th
    They are like a 1000 mile long cruise ship with 500 different captains all speaking different languages and never being able to speak to each other. Yesterday, their computer system was "down" for most of the day but this is not uncommon with them. The only positive thing that I could possibly say about them is that their American staff members seem a little bit better than those who answer the phone in Jamaica with who you often get at their toll free number on the back of their membership cards.
    Did I mention that you can often buy your drugs at the local Walmart cheaper than you can by being a member of their online insurance plan?
    DO NOT USE Humana unless you are totally desperate for some drug plan or you are a masochist who loves getting abuse and suffering.