Ball stretcher questions: Any scrotum stretching before after experiences?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by R47, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. R47

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    After going through the forum for so many days, I finally went ahead and bought a ball stretcher. Nothing fancy, just the usual run of the mill stuff. I have always used supplements to try and make my testicles bigger, at least they look bigger to me :D. I want my sac to hang lower. Don't get me wrong, my boys already hang low, but it’s never low enough, isn't it?

    As I am new to this, what I would like to know is....what is the appropriate duration to keep wearing it to get good results. I first wore it a few minutes ago and immediately felt the stretching in my scrotum. I can feel it being stretched as I am writing this and they do work as expected imo. I want to wear it as often as I can, not while I am out socially though, I kind of feel you guys get the meaning of what I am trying to say. I am used to jelqing. Should I stop jelqing now that I have started using a stretcher or should I keep jelqing my balls as well?

    What I am also worried about is the cold-reflex, does stretching your balls negatively affect the cold-reflex of the scrotum? I would like that, as I would love to have my boys hang low even during the cold, but not if it breaks anything....
  2. MorganJ

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    Always keep in mind, the main threshold is your discomfort. You should remove the stretcher even at the slightest hint of discomfort, be it seconds, minutes or hours since you have worn it. That being said, try to use the stretcher as much as possible. I can tell you what has helped me prevent discomfort. Regular store bought KY Jelly/Vaseline. Lubrication is the key. Apply whatever lubricant you have before wearing the stretcher. It’s like killing two birds with one stone - prevents discomfort as well as allows you to wear it for a longer duration.

    Also make sure your testicles are hanging before attaching the stretcher. Its best if the weather is warm. If not, testicle jelqing will do the job. I would also advise you to keep checking at regular intervals to ensure proper blood circulation to your testicles.

    The stretching sensation is a good thing, make sure you feel it the entire time you are wearing the stretcher. Keep at it, you will soon be able to stretch for longer duration.
    Keep stretching, you will see slight improvement there too. Have fun and all the best!
  3. R47

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    Thanks for the insight MorganJMorganJ . While stretching for an hour or so, my balls turn a bit reddish/bluish in color. Is that a sign of losing blood circulation? I usually don't check it after some time, so I have no idea if the color changes further. I thought it was normal.

    I definitely feel my balls being stretched, the feeling I get is hard to explain. It’s not comfortable, but also not of discomfort as there is no pain involved.
  4. MorganJ

    MorganJ New Member

    Glad I was of help.
    The color to watch out for is more in the blue-purple range. Touch and see if they feel numb and see if your fingers leave an imprint a tad longer than they should. Keep a lookout for these signs.

    I think you should be fine till you don't wear the stretcher to bed. That's a big no-no for someone who is new to stretching. Easy to cut off circulation while tossing and turning at night.

    Let me see if I can explain the feeling better. Imagine yourself pulling your testicles down to their limit with your hand. That’s the stretchy feeling we want to achieve.
  5. R47

    R47 New Member

    Initially, when I wear them, say for around the first couple of hours, I am quite comfortable. But after that, it usually starts getting slightly sore. No pain or anything, just that slight sore feeling.
  6. Vandarus

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    Imagine you are lifting weights in the gym. Do you still continue, when you know there is a chance of hurting yourself? Similarly, why risk hurting yourself here. Time yourself. If you feel sore after 2 hours, stop stretching 10 minutes before that.
  7. R47

    R47 New Member

    lol...You got me there. It’s like I am addicted to the process. The maximum duration I can wear the stretcher now has gone up to 4 hours. I found a trick, may come handy to you too. Whenever I begin to feel sore, just moving the skin under the stretcher provides some relief and helps me wear it a bit longer.
  8. Vandarus

    Vandarus New Member

    I have been doing this 'moving the skin' thing for a while too. Lubing the testicles before and after stretching helps too. Feels easy now, doesn't it? Just be careful and avoid hurting yourself. Enjoy the journey to your goal ;)
  9. R47

    R47 New Member

    Yes, it really does. My time is up to 7 hours now, in one go. Funny enough, still feels the same slight sore, I felt at 2 hours. I feel I can keep wearing it longer. Still not confident enough to wear it at night though.
  10. MorganJ

    MorganJ New Member

    I feel 8-9 hours a day is more than enough, and has worked for me till now.
  11. R47

    R47 New Member

    Has it made your scrotum hang lower over time?
  12. MorganJ

    MorganJ New Member

    Definitely :)
  13. Gauge

    Gauge New Member

    I have achieved permanent stretch gains. I had a leather stretcher that I did not enjoy wearing. I then went for ball weights. Bought 3 WMC ball weights from Secret Leather. They come as a set two at 200g and 15mm, one 400g and 30mm.

    I have worn them 24/7 for weeks. Probably have hit 1000 hours in them. They are quite expensive but, really comfortable. Note that sizing is important. Get the correct size.
  14. outfox

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    Ball stretching is like penis enlargement. You need to start small and build up gradually. I did try it but, just for a month. I was using 1" leather strap. I suggest that you use one device for a few months, allow your body to get used to it and then only go for the next device. You can wear it 24/7 if, there is no irritation etc.

    From my research, I understood that ball stretching increases the size of the scrotum only. Not the balls per se. There are a number of devices like the one you have leather straps, rings that one adds up as the sack stretches, in different materials like steel and neoprene rubber. Try googling, I had found dedicated sites for ball stretching.
  15. SmokeyBear74

    SmokeyBear74 New Member

    I am new to the stretching idea and I bought a metal stretcher finally got it on wore it for about a day because it was so comfortable. When I took it off I didn’t feel right until I put it back on, I felt naked the whole time I had it off. Is this something normal for someone just starting out?