best canadian online pharmacy that does not require a prescription?

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  1. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    Guys, Any reviews of a good cheap online pharmacy(canadian or mexican) where an unfortunate guy in pain can get some pain relief, without having to put up with doctor's bullshit. Life is tough. Help!
  2. Pam Jones

    Pam Jones New Member

    I also would like an answer to this.
    Soooo, I am new here and diligently searching for a place to get Tramadol online....and actually get it....the real it. lol

    Have always hated pills, but have suffered severe pain in the feet for three years now. No insurance and meager servers income kept me from doing the visit to the podiatrist until it became unbearable.

    Apparently my arches are falling, AND that hurts. Got the custom orthotics, have literally survived on ibuprofen, aleve and tylenol for years. Family member had tramadol 50mg which helps with a couple inbuprofen. Another cash visit to doc only to learn that this is now considered an opiod. Really.....

    In Arizona it now requires playing the pain management game, doctors are useless when it comes to helping pain. Where can I go???? I found so many links telling me I can get it overseas, but very leary to give out card info. Does ANYONE know of a legitimate solution???

    If there was out of country doctors who sign off on a script to keep it legal, that works too. Matter of fact, that would add to the credibility I struggle with, and I am happy to send my records from the podiatrist so they feel better too. :)
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  3. ratChaser

    ratChaser New Member could help. But only has a limited supply of pain meds like soma and tramadol. They also have valium and xanax.
  4. ransack

    ransack New Member

    That store is closed unfortunatley. For what it may be worth, I had a nice experience with The meds seem to be well priced. I purchased wellbutrin couple of times this year and things went on smoothly, no issues at all.
  5. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    Oh absolutely. Endorsements from good members of a forum that have used an online pharmacy successfully with the meds working as expected and without having to deal with funny stuff happening to cc - that is worth a lot. Thank you.
  6. FenderOli

    FenderOli New Member

    Be careful with these online pharmacies as most will spam the f*k out of you and may even compromise your cc. I get regular phone calls and spam emails from these idiots. GenericDotcor and both have been harassing me with emails and phone calls. So stopped using both. Oh btw, both the mentioned websites dont sell the more serious pain meds you are after btw.
  7. hambone

    hambone New Member

    Indeed! Its so frustrating to deal with the annoying doctors as opposed to complete freedom of an OP. I wish there were more reliable OPs. These regulators and doctors need to experience the chronic pain some of us undergo, only then will they understand our plight and why we need what we need :(
  8. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    And I just placed an order for some much needed meds from God bless me. Hopefully it arrives in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.
  9. Mary

    Mary New Member

    No updates from you. Did you get the meds? I am planning to use them too. Kindly reply soon.
  10. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    Sorry for not updating here. Yes all good. Received them in about 2 weeks. And no issues at all. Saved my life!
  11. Mary

    Mary New Member

    Good to know palindromepalindrome . I have terrible pain due to osteoarthritis :(.Tramadol is the one thing that keeps my pain down - And I cant get enough of it. I don't see that listed.

    Also were you asked for a presciption while ordering?
  12. palindrome

    palindrome New Member

    Yes. They stopped selling Tramadol. Only non-controlled meds now.

    Nope. Just some basic questions. They also just asked me to answer if a doctor prescribed the medicine in yes or no. I said yes. Thats it. Basically you dont need to produce any rx. Quick and simple really ;)
  13. BostonDude

    BostonDude New Member

    I too take trams for an old knee injury. It’s been a few years but it’s the only thing that helps and I’ve been taking it daily for the last almost 3 years. With India’s ban on tramadol recently a few vendors dried out for a bit but seem to be back on track, thank god. I don’t know anything about Canadian pharmacies but there’s a few Singapore and US guys.
  14. beckynot

    beckynot New Member

    Hi, the recommended pharmacy is out of business, at least their webpage is. Can anyone recommend some alternate pharmacies? Thanks.
  15. O2

    O2 New Member is what I use normally, they are splendid. is alright too - depends what you want to purchase.