Best Medicine For Social Anxiety

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  1. boo

    boo New Member

    What is the best med for social anxiety? I have been on few benzos, but it has not helped me much. I am fed-up of getting prescribed different meds which are of no help to me. I was wondering if anyone can suggest me some good medications based on personal experience.
  2. lol

    lol New Member

    To tell you frankly, I don’t think there are any miracle drugs for SA. It is a gradual improvement process for social anxiety disorder.
  3. menthos

    menthos New Member

    Well, I am currently on Ritalin, Zoloft and Klonopin. Zoloft has helped me and it has made me want to socialize and gotten that spark in my life. It did not help me with physical part of anxiety, but did give me mental peace. Klonopin also helps a lot, but I feel that it is poor when it comes to long term solution. Stimulant like Ritalin has helped me with social anxiety.
  4. Divine

    Divine New Member Staff Member

    I do agree that psychostimulants and opiods are merely quick fixes. In my opinion SSRI’s/Klonopin are better choices for social anxiety issues. These pills will make you feel more in control of social situations.
  5. Vegan

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    I am making a list of some useful drugs. These are very effective for SA.
    Xanax - Faster working benzo
    Klonopin/ Paxil - Strongest and longer working SSRI's
    Adderall - Stimulants
  6. Hydragirl

    Hydragirl New Member

    My mom has taken a lot of pills and for her Zoloft and Lexapro worked best.
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  7. boo

    boo New Member

    Thanks everyone for all your recommendations. I am sure one of them will definitely help me with my SA issues.
  8. alizee

    alizee New Member

    Modafinil. I'm not saying it's strongest and most effective if u compare with adderall however it doesn't have such a weird side effective or addiction. Also and it is much more easier to get it without getting ripped off.
  9. AliceWhat

    AliceWhat New Member

    This thread was really helpful for people with social anxiety. Thank you guys :)