Best Mexican Pharmacy Online? Any Reviews & real experience?

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  1. jha

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    Hey guys, what is the best mexican online pharmacy to purchase them generic cialis & Viagra? Looking for positive(or negative) feedback & reviews. I was thinking since mexico is closer to the US, shipping would be quicker. Any of you guys have personal experience with online pharmacies from mexico? Will be very helpful.
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  3. Shrek

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    I have heard about this. How the hell do they do that. I am guessing they stack the meds in the US or something.
  4. Brain

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    As long as the meds are legit and it arrives without a hassle, who cares. I have been using them for little over a year and faced no problems. No complaints whatsoever.
  5. Hemlock

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    If you don't want to purchase online, you can just drive down there if you are from Texas like I am hehe.

    I and few of my friends went to Matamoris in Mexico that is about 25 miles away from South Padre, Texas. We simply walked into a medical store 300 yards from the border and got some neat 2mg xanax bars with no questions asked. The pharmacist there is like your local drug dealer lol. They don't care. I don't think the laws are the same there.
  6. jha

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    Sure, but its too much of a hassle and I also hear it is not safe to drive that border nowadays.
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    I buy from KwikMed - just good old Generic Viagra, nothing else and shipped from within the US. All good till now. No spam and no mention of rx stuff in the cc statement. Pretty good.

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