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  1. AlexDM

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    I am subscribed to r/BigDickProblems on reddit, so the top posts from that sub reddit keep popping up on my feed from time to time. I occasionally do pop in to check the other posts too. I feel they should change their name to just DickProblems or better still AverageDickProblems.

    The assortment of people their hardly have penises which can be classified as huge. I feel we, on this site have a much better percentage of people with actually big dicks. 7.5” and above.

    I was surprised by it, as the amount of people using reddit is many times more than the number of users we have here. They mostly have people with 6” to 7” NBPEL, just a sprinkling of 8 inchers and hardly, if any, 9 inch and above.

    I know statistically speaking 6” NBPEL and above are categorised as Big Dicks, but I was underwhelmed by the whole experience there.

    I feel we are much better qualified to have a thread related to BigDickProblems, lets go guys, post your problems.
  2. andrewfordman

    andrewfordman New Member

    Interesting observation from you there. Even I visit that sub off and on. But I am mostly put off by their silly claims regarding their dick sizes. That’s just internet showing its true (exaggerated) colors. A lot of problems they describe are really silly. I hope we get some REAL problems here.

    Let me start with mine (it’s quite common actually), gravity plays spoil sport with my erections. My dick is slightly bent downwards when erect. It doesn’t hurt or anything, I can even manually straighten it. There is no discomfort involved, either. I was really worried earlier, and posting about it here made me realise it’s a very common issue, and many people face it.
  3. stiflex

    stiflex New Member

    Finding the right underwear. The usual store bought ones don’t fit. Have to specially shop for the ones with big pouches. And they don’t come cheap.
  4. hendrix

    hendrix New Member

    Wearing tight pants is really cumbersome. My dick and balls constantly show a print. If one is comfortable with people staring then it is fine, but for some people, like me, the staring gets to me.
  5. MikeWest

    MikeWest New Member

    That clumsy feeling when you accidentally sit on your own dick. It is almost painless, but gets uncomfortable. On the other hand, during warm weathers, accidentally sitting on your balls is bitchingly painful.
  6. amok

    amok New Member

    Some places it’s really hard to find XL sized condoms. I have to order it online, as my area doesn’t have many stores which stock it. In emergency situations I cannot depend on local stores to help me.
  7. Damien63

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    I am surprised no one above me mentioned this. I always hit the toilet bowl, and I am terrified of using public restrooms for the same reason. I am not sure what kind of infections I can get, as every single time I have used them I ended up with that part of my dick itching for a week.
  8. NigelD

    NigelD New Member

    Hiding accidental awkward erections. It’s more a general dickproblem, but its harder for us big dick guys. Whatever we do, it ends up making it bulge out more.
  9. emirmous

    emirmous New Member

    I am a deep sleeper, and I roll around a lot in my sleep. My favorite position is to sleep on my stomach. Those days, when I get a morning wood and accidentally roll over to sleep on my stomach, it’s like an instant jolt. The pain is like my own personal alarm :rolleyes:
  10. hotfoot

    hotfoot New Member

    Most of the problems are very relatable for me.
    I was just browsing reddit a few minutes ago, and got r/smalldickproblems as a recommendation, which was funny for me. But boy, is that sub-reddit a dreary place. So much hate and anger. Apparently quite a few people have even committed suicide because of their small dick size.
  11. batman

    batman Member

    Wow! Committing suicide because of having a small dick, couldn’t they have opted for a corrective surgery instead? That is such an extreme step. I shudder to imagine the mental state they were in and what problems they were facing.
  12. hotfoot

    hotfoot New Member

    Most of them were from poor/developing countries. Not all of them could have afforded the surgeries. I agree about suicide not being an option, but we don’t know much about them except for what they chose to share online.
  13. AlexDM

    AlexDM New Member

    Well... I have had some girls bail on after we move to the bedroom, just because they are intimidated by the size of my dick. They are afraid of it. Thankfully these are just some stray incidents, most girls are cool with it.