Burning pain in left shoulder blade area

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  1. Nolan

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    I have awful pain in my left shoulder blade area for some time. Initially the pain was once in a while, but now it is there all the time. I got to know that there is a big knot below my ribs on the right hand side of my back, which is putting pressure on my nerves, in turn causing numbness and pain on my right arm and legs. I don’t seem to understand if there is any connection between the two or the burning pain is because of something else. Desperately need a few opinions please!!! I am awfully worried!!!
  2. pennyheart

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    I have similar burning sensations under my left shoulder area for almost 3 months now and I am undergoing some physiotherapy for the same. I am a workaholic and spend a hell lot of time on my computer and while doing that I always lean on my left arm. I paint at times and while doing that too, I take the support of my left arm. I think it has become a habit to lean on my left arm whatever I do. So, I think that might have caused an injury in that particular area because of the excess stress I give it every day. The knot or the lump that you feel beneath your ribs could be a muscle spasm in reality. I have had many like them in my back and it has taken me months of physio to get things back on track. I have slowly begun to see signs of improvement in my body after months of PT exercises, massages and ultrasounds. I have even cut my long hours in front of the computer short. I suggest you consult a physiotherapist to help you with this. Your case sounds way similar to that of mine and I am sure a physio can help you with this. Good luck!!
  3. Jace

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    I also have this pain in the shoulder blade area recently and my doctor found out that it was because of my odd sleeping posture which put too much of stress on my left shoulder and was the reason for the pain. I was prescribed a few medications and pain balms to get relief. I am also following the right posture now. It was difficult initially because old habits die hard but I took conscious efforts to correct myself. You should consult a doctor soon and get to the roots to start with a treatment that will help you with the pain.