Burning spinal nerve endings in the back to stop pain

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    I had a consultation with a new pain management doctor, who suggested a treatment where he would burn the nerve endings with a heated needle, to eliminate pain. I don’t remember the name of the procedure but this is how it is carried out. I spoke to my mom who is a psychologist and she personally doesn’t approve of the treatment. She has a few patients who have already been through this treatment and were not happy with it in the long run. After listening to what she had to say, I too do not want to go for this treatment.

    But I am afraid that if I decide to not listen to what my doctor has to say about getting this treatment don, he might not want to treat or see me again. I just want to get my prescriptions on time and for that I have many a times complied with what doctor has to say. But this one really freaks me out. What if it causes other complications? I do understand that every doctor wants to treat the root cause and not just put a band aid on the wound in the form of pain killers, but my mind really does not approve of this treatment. My mom warned me that it causes more pain in the days to come. I am in between the deep sea and the devil now. I am okay with this band aid approach of treatment as it works well for me. Pills have been a relief in my case and I would like to continue with them. But how do I present it to my doctor without angering him? I am at a loss t understand that. Has anyone been through this nerve endings burning treatment? I f so, please guide me with your valuable suggestions. Please!!!
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    Do not be prejudiced about this treatment. I have gotten it done 3 times for myself and trust me it’s such a great relief!! I can definitely understand why your PM doc wouldn’t want to see you again if you do not agree for this treatment because the whole idea of pain management is to manage the pain with least use of pills and other medications. I think you should go for it and give it a try. For those who the procedure works, it is a blessing and can give relief from pain for almost 6 months and in a few cases for even more duration. You will be amazed to see the way in which you can cut down your pills at least. Good luck with it!! Do let me know how you feel if you go for it.
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    I think it is a huge trade off. I am yet to get this treatment, but I am going for it in a few weeks time. Right now, I am in the process of finding out if it will work for me or not. I will first get a nerve block done for those specific group of nerves. The key is if the nerve block helps reduce your pain, then the burning of nerve endings will likely work as well. My idea is to minimize my use of opiates and to get a long term relief from pain. For me it is a short period of discomfort for which you still have medication versus 6 months plus relief from pain. I would definitely choose the first option.
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    The procedure is called RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATION (RFA) and I have done it 4 times for my lower back pain. The pain relief lasted from 9 to 12 months in my case and I was happy that I could manage with minimum pills. I would definitely recommend this procedure for it has been such a source of relief to me. The procedure is not as bad as you think it to be. They numb the particular area and only then go about with the treatment. And there is nothing harmful about getting it done because if it doesn’t help you, the nerves will automatically regenerate in the particular area. Personally, it has been of great help to me as before the procedure I could not even stand or walk because of the gnawing pain. I have even take cortisone shots but they were not able to give me pain relief as much as the procedure did.
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    I underwent a couple of radio frequency lesioning, which gave me almost a 40% reduction in pain. One thing that you should stress on is to get the treatment done under conscious sedation. The reason I am saying this is because once the doctor under who I was taking the treatment was replaced with a new doc and he talked me into getting it done without sedation. It was the most painful and torturous experience I ever endured. So, please please do not ever agree to get this treatment done without conscious sedation and get it done from a good and experienced doctor and you will feel relaxed throughout and after the procedure. The doctor should be well versed about the procedure and make you feel at ease.
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    I completely agree with you on this. No sedation means a big NO to the treatment as well!! I can imagine the pain you must have gone through during the process. It is a barbaric experience to do it without sedation. I had been through it once when I complied to get my disco gram done without sedation and it is inhuman to do that.
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    If you feel you are confused about the whole treatment, then I suggest you get a second opinion. At the end of the day, it is your body and you own it completely. You have all the rights to decide what you want to do with it. Be polite and speak your heart out to the doctor. If you have misunderstood something, speak it out and let him clear your apprehensions about the entire treatment. The procedure works well for most of the people and is highly effecting in giving pain relief. But it is entirely up to you if you want to go for the treatment or not.