Can you get high off lyrica? How much to get high?

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  1. Minister

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    I am going to try and get help with Lyrica. Being in considerable pain, I know a bit of high is what will relieve me. My question to put it plainly is - can you get high of lyrica and how good is it as a pain killer?
  2. jellyQueen

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    Yes, its a good pain killer, especially for nerve pain. Definitely can give you a high. How much dosage to get the high is subjective. If you are new to the drug, 150mg is plenty. But in general I would say anything over 300mg can get you high consistently.
  3. high

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    Lyrica is good with the high! You don’t have to get drunk and feel high.. Lyrica does it for you. I have been having Lyrica for 1 year now because of my spinal cord injury. It definitely reduces the pain but at the same time it gives me a high which takes me out of the miserable pain world. I have started to take 400mg of Lyrica to get into the trans mode, forget the pain and the world. It is an amazing drug.
  4. Hydragirl

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    My brother is having 150 mg of Lyrica but it does not get him high. It does reduce the fibromyalgia pain he is suffering. He is also on Benzo for his anxiety though and that's the one that does something mentally and gets him in a drowsy state which he kind of likes.
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  5. McFly

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    I was given Lyrica for my neurotic pain, and it did wonders for the pain and gave me immediate relief. The other thing that I noticed was it took me into a euphoric state, which was awesome! I can say that I am addicted to Lyrica and will not leave it for any other medicine. This is one of the best drugs to make you feel drunk.

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  6. cosmic

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    The doctor introduced me to Lyrica because of the nerve damage I had due to diabetes. I did not find much difference in the pain. The drunken feeling also did not hit me in the beginning. My dosage was increased to 400mg and then it did it, I had lot of relief in the pain plus I got into euphoric and trans mode.
  7. baby

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    The effects of Pregabalin(Lyrica) is akin to those of Tiagabine, but more pronounced and enjoyable... I know someone who takes 4x150mg capsules for that proper high.

    I would compare its effects to that of alcohol. When you are high on Lyrica, you act like you are drunk. Some people compare it to a mini XTC, but I don't think its anything like that. Oh and it works wonders for fibromyalgia pain.
  8. Petals

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    I have been on Lyrica for about 4 months now, and have just been using it therapeutically. I'm on 100mgx3 a day. At this does it has a minimal affect on reducing my pain but I'm due to be tiered up.

    I also have a ruptured L5 disk and the disk fluid now sits on my S1 & S2 nerves causing EXTREME back pain & cyatica. I'm scripted Percocet 10/325 and Valium 10. However, I'm not scripted enough to fully cover the, one day I was in major pain but no pain killers.

    I did my research on forums and found the dosage amounts the will give you a high and relieve the pain. I have found that 600mg first then about 2hrs later 300/400mg will definitely give me the reliefs I need and a nice mellow high. It can be compared to being drunk but I also compare it to an intense body high that certain weed strains provide.

    Lights seem brighter, I get tracers(where you see light strands crossing your eyes), become sensitive(in a good way) to touch, and just a general happy euphoric feeling.

    I would suggest, depending on your tolerance to meds, that if your trying to use Lyrica for recreational use, start with maybe 300mg at once and give it about an hour.....if your not feeling the general floating type feeling then take 200/300mg more. Plan on NOT going anywhere or driving for at least 12 hrs, as it is a long lasting high.
    I hope that helps a little.:cool:o_O:):rolleyes: Feel free to message if you have more questions.
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  9. cosmic

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  10. high

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    I agree, the recommended dose of 100mgx3 may not suffice for most chronic pain patients imo. Also the 100mg dose will not give a mouse a high lol. That said, 1000mg a day is pretty high dose PetalsPetals
  11. InkedMike

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    Hi. I just started LYRICA about a month ago. I'm currently taking 150mg 4 times a day. If I take 300mg in a single dose I can DEFINITELY feel the high. It's a strange high, though. I don't feel the buzz of the PECODAN I was taking. I was using 1 every 4 hours so, 6 a day, before LYRICA. I used to double up a lot. I can say LYRICA works for me. My pain is almost completely gone, just a moderate pressure in the temples. I'm taking LYRICA for chronic tension headaches. I've had them since I was 12. I've used every Opiod and Opiate available over the years. It's nice not to be on them, any more.
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  12. Sneakypanda

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    I take 300mg a day in one dose. I've never drunk alcohol while taking these as it says not to on the box. Is it okay to drink on these or not do you think?
  13. InkedMike

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    I really can't tell you. I don't drink, but I will assume that any "high" you're getting from the LYRICA will be gone if you drink. The LYRICA high is just that, a high. If you drink I'm sure you will lose it. I'm now up to 900mg a day. 300mg three times a day. I don't feel the "high" anymore unless I take 460+mg at one time, and I'm sure that will be gone soon as well. All I get now is a very light head, but I have to say, it is really working on the pain.
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  14. NoSeizures

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    Just curious,whatRe your opinions. How many people who take Lyrica ether prescribed by a doctor vs buying it from the curb? I ask because Budweiser seems to become less available on the curb. Ain't going to no doc. All are racist anyways.

    Don't eat for a while then take it. Ignore the hunger. More effective.