Can you get pregnant from dry sperm?

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  1. simplelass

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    Help! I’m really worried and going out of my mind here. My boyfriend and I are both still very young and not ready for complications. We promised ourselves that we won’t have sex until we’re both ready for more. So we just were content with me masturbating him and him fingering me.
    Recently we just played around a bit and I touched some of his semen. After he left about an hour later, I touched and fingered myself. I totally forgot that I had some of his semen that dried on my hand. I didn’t wash my hands. Is it possible for me to get pregnant from that?
  2. kate31

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    It’s good that you’ve promised one another not to have sex until you’re both ready. I hope that you will keep your promise to one another. And when the both of you finally decide to have sex, please remember to use protection, okay.
    Now, about your question. The answer is NO. You won’t get pregnant. So there’s no need to worry.
  3. Fedora

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    Relax. There’s no way that you’ll get pregnant because of that. In the first place, the semen already dried in your hand. It means that all the sperm are dead.
  4. Rambo

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    The sperm dies when the semen dries.
    Hmm..I can write a poem about this. Anyway, like you said, the semen on your hand when you masturbated was already dry. So the likelihood of you getting pregnant is zero.

    On another note, please always wash your hands before touching your private parts. Some bacteria may be present on your hand and if you don’t wash them, you may get infections.
  5. exp

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    When the semen is expelled from the body, the sperm can last up to about twenty minutes to an hour depending on some conditions like if it’s humid or warm. But as soon as the semen dries up, the sperm will die.
  6. europhile

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    Even if there’s dried cum in your hand when you fingered yourself, you won’t get pregnant. Because the sperm in the semen are already dead. And even if there is that an unlikely chance that some sperm survived, you still won’t get pregnant because the vagina is acidic and the sperm will not survive in that environment.
  7. BigCat

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    There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Sperm can only live in warm, moist conditions. Once the semen dries, the sperm will die within just minutes.
  8. House

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    If you would have said there was a time difference of 5 min between time of ejaculation and you fingering yourself, there might have been some minute chance. But an hour later... there is no chance in hell!!!

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  9. Jenn

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    Hye there actualy im litle worry regarding to this issue! Yesterday me n ny bf was masturbating ...a few moments later his sperm came out then both of us wiped it out with tshir redy! Morning wen i woke while clean my vagina i frgt that his sperm was get on my hand ! Is that ny posible that i will gt pregnant?
  10. HappyFlower

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    Dont worry JennJenn No chance in hell :)
  11. Taja

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    boyfriend came onto me and may have had some cum left on his hand, he proceeded to finger me a while later when the cum was dry...I’m due my period today but hasn’t came, any chance of being pregnant at this point of cycle?
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  12. Alex Johnson

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    Hey! Me n my girlfriend were getting a little frisky the other day. This sounds weird but I guess you could say we dry humped. But a moment I repositioned my penis but I’m pretty sure I didn’t touch any of the pre-cum on it. Then, we proceed to do the business n I end up cumming, not inside of her, we both have pants on and everything. Then, I proceeded to finger her. Not all the way though because I didn’t go deep inside or anything but around the inside of the lips n clit. However, i theorize that even if I did touch the Pre-cum I had my hands on the couch anyways and after we finished (which lasted like 5 minutes) I picked up my sweater and bookbag so I imagine even if I had a little pre-cum on my finger it would’ve wiped off on the couch or even the sweater and bookbag. Then, I get home n she’s worried that I got her pregnant. Is my theory correct? Did I get her pregnant? We’re both still very young
  13. House

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    Don't worry about it Alex :) Not happening!
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  14. Alex Johnson

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    Thank you sooo muchhh really appreciate it
  15. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson New Member

    Hey I know you already answered one of my questions but this is what happened again, but in more detail. I apologize if I’m wasting any time:
    So today me and my gf were in the mood. Embarrassingly, we dry humped. NOTE: last time I touched my dick was to reposition it and it was with my left hand (remember that) and also I repositioned it from the bottom I am almost certain I did not touch the tip or any of the pre-cum. Also, my hands were on he couch the whole time (so possible sperm could’ve dried). Then, I ended up cumming (still clothes on). I get off and go to get my sweater and backpack (maybe the sperm could’ve dried on the sweater or the backpack) and I continue to somewhat finger her with my right hand. However I did not go deep, I stayed around the inside of the lips and clit area. Did I get her pregnant? Help please!! I’m still very young :(
  16. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    You came in your clothes, you repositioned with your left hand and after a while fingered your gf with the right hand. I dont see why there's a chance to impregnate your gf.
  17. dave17

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    Hello i am worried iis it possible to get my gf pregnant with 8 hour old sperm? You see me and my gf had sex the day before and i came but i did not take a shower or clean my penis when i got home the next day past and i was at her house and we both got a little crazy and ended up having sex but i did not clean my penis again i am worried she will get pregnant from that
  18. mar

    mar New Member

    Hi! I am slightly worried. My boyfriend and I went to the movies and it was my last day on my period, and during the movies I went over and touched his area, I was just touching it till I felt like pre cum and I quickly took out my hand and he wiped the pre cum on his jacket.
    Almost an hour (like 50 something mins) later I arrived home and I went to the bathroom. I forgot I had dried cum on my hand and forgot to wash my hands. But after I urinated I went go wipe myself, mind you my hand never touched my vagina. Can I get pregnant?
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  19. BigCat

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    What?!? No! 0.00 % chance.
  20. mar

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