Can you have a sinus infection and headache without congestion

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  1. O2

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    I am having pain all over my face, on the interior area of my nose, the area around the eyes, forehead, cheekbones etc. But I do not have any congestion at all. It feels like sinus associated pain and it extends into my entire head area. My head feels all soft during the pain. It comes for a day or two and then vanishes completely. Then it returns when you least expect it. I did consult a doctor who asked me to get a sinus X-ray done. But all came out clear. I also got a CT scan done, but they too seemed fine to the doctor. The doc has now put me on antibiotics for sinus but they haven’t helped me at all. Has anyone else got a pain similar to this? Does anybody have an idea what this could be? The days when my head aches, it is horrible and I can’t go about with my normal routine. So please give me some suggestions!!! It would be of great help to me.
  2. Brittany92

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    Did you get your wisdom teeth extracted recently? If yes, then it could be the reason for your on and off headaches. I have been through the same when I got mine extracted. Also, do you consume artificial sweeteners like aspartame on a daily basis? Then that could contribute too.
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    :confused: No, I haven’t got my wisdom tooth extracted. I feel the pain on both sides of my face. It varies every time. At times, it is more on the right side and at times on the left. Should I get it checked by a dentist? Will that help? The days with the pain drives me insane.
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    Update: I had an appointment with my dentist today and he said there is nothing wrong with my wisdom tooth. Now what do I do?
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    Did your dentist check you for TMJ? One of my friends had a similar headache and it turned out to be because of a TMJ. Make a visit to your dentist again and ask him about bite plate. It is a little expensive but if it is a TMJ, it might be highly helpful. Weather too can play a major role in sinus issues. So, it also depends on the area you live. Like, I live in Michigan. So, I get sinus headaches more like allergies without any congestion. I have even heard that high BP causes headaches. So, it would be worthwhile to get your BP checked. Get yourself checked from head to toe by a good GP and soon you will get a cure.
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    Hmm... could be because of a TMJ because my wife has heard me grind my teeth several times in sleep. I even have the habit of clenching it during the day and I put conscious efforts to stop it too. But would that cause pain behind my nose and on my cheek bones. I don’t think it is because of that I don’t have jaw pains.
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    I did mention it to my GP but he still thinks it is an acute case of sinusitis and has put me on second round of antibiotics. But I feel otherwise because there is no congestion or any discharge. And the antibiotics haven’t been helpful too. I think more than giving me any relief, they are stressing me out.
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    I am suffering from headaches with similar symptoms as yours. My case has not yet been diagnosed, but I think you should definitely visit an ENT. I hope at least they find out in your case what has gone wrong and give you an appropriate treatment. I do understand your pain because I am going through the same.
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    I have similar symptoms O2O2 and it all started when I was put on diuretics for hypertension. Since then I have had on and off headaches like you which are more on the right side. But I think you have been through all the tests that can possibly be done. I got my CT done 2 days back and am awaiting its results. I hope it is nothing serious and I can get back to normalcy soon. Hope you do too. All the very best!!
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    Yes, you can have a sinus infection without congestion and it can cause headache and pain all over your face. If antibiotics another medicines are not helping you need to consult an expert for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.