Can you lactate without being pregnant

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  1. Cristina

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    This morning while I was toweling myself dry (I’ve just been to the bath) I noticed that there was this white, thin liquid in my left nipple. I squeezed my nipple and some more came out. I did it with the other one and some drops of milk-like liquid came out too. This has never happened to me before so I’m really worried. Is it possible to lactate without me being pregnant? Or does this mean I am pregnant? Please help.
  2. bridget

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    I suggest that you get a pregnancy kit and test yourself just to make sure. Although it’s not common to lactate early when a woman is pregnant, it has happened. So it may be a possibility that you are pregnant. So get a pregnancy test or better yet, go see a doctor to find out exactly if you are lactating and pregnant.
  3. JILlIan

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    Usually our bodies start producing milk on the first trimester of pregnancy and milk can possibly start leaking on the second trimester. So if there’s milk leaking from you, it is possible that you are pregnant. But if you are not pregnant, then that is something else. I guess a little trip to the doctor is needed. Good luck.
  4. nargis

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    Are you on the pill? If you are, that may be the reason for the milk. Birth control pills make our bodies think that we are pregnant hence the milk.
  5. BigCat

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    Hormonal changes in the body can cause lactation in a woman who is not pregnant. The hormonal changes may be because of stress, age, or if you are taking some drugs or medication.
  6. batman

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    If you are taking hormonal supplements, you can produce breastmilk even if you are not pregnant. Female hormones such as, prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen are the culprit behind the production of milk. So if you are taking hormone pills you can very well likely lactate without being pregnant.
  7. annabel

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    Take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. If you are not, then there might be some hormonal imbalance and this may be due to Pituitary Microadenomas. Those are benign tumors on the pituitaty gland which can expel an abnormal number of hormones. The abnormal hormonal changes can cause lactation in a woman who is not pregnant. Go to the hospital and have yourself checked.