Can you take oxycodone while pregnant?

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    I am 9 weeks pregnant and I was put on oxycodone for my neck pain. I checked with the pain specialist about it and he said it is a class B drug for pregnancy. Whereas my gynaecologist told me that if I am on it for 2 weeks or less, then it is a class B drug, but if I am taking it every day, it is considered as a class C or class D drug. I feel so confused and I want to know the actual facts. I do not want to cause any harm to my baby. I can bear with the neck pain and avoid taking the drug if it is actually harmful. For now, I am trying to cut down on them. I just want to know if this drug is safe to use during pregnancy. Any women out there, who have been through similar situations, please help. Your advice's will be highly appreciated.
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    Ask your GP to refer you to a specialist if they do not have clear cut answers for one simple question of yours. I think the one you should visit and take opinion from a perinatologist. They will have the exact information regarding such things. Also, if you continue taking this drug, then I advise that you should have a neonatologist to assist you during delivery.
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    I still remember when I got pregnant with my son, around 25 years back; I was taking Percocet, which at that time was just introduced into the markets. This was for my severe back pain. The OB clinic I was consulting thought it would be perfectly fine and I ended up taking it throughout my pregnancy. I did not see its side effects when my son was born, but today when I think back about it, I don’t think it was the right thing to do. What if my baby had experienced withdrawal symptoms? The best thing you can do is to consult a doctor and get your answers.
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    My wife was on Seconal to get sleep, almost the whole time when she was pregnant with our son. But you first need to discuss it with a specialist and only then go for it. Hope you find the right answers soon. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
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    If I were you, I would have spoken to my doctors and pestered them for an accurate answer. I suggest you can even ring the drug manufacturer and ask them for info as well. Tell them your situation and I am sure, they will respond well. I was on oxycodone for 3 weeks post a major surgery and the drug actually messed things up in my head. So, be very careful when you are having it with a baby inside. I personally do not think it is a good idea to continue this drug while you are pregnant because the baby may feel the same way inside your womb. So, please consult someone fast and till then I think you should be off this drug.
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    I think you gynec is right when she said it is a class B unless used for a very long period of time. You can look into online for more information. There is nothing to panic.
    Good luck and congratulations for your pregnancy!