Can you use lotion as lubricant?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by FartMan, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. FartMan

    FartMan New Member

    I have a question: Is it okay to use regular hand lotion as lubricant for sex? Are those lotions any good as a lube.
  2. HumanBeing

    HumanBeing New Member

    If you’re just going to masturbate, I think it’s okay. But if you’re going to have sex, I would advise against it.
    It can get to the urethra and may irritate it.
  3. Pammy

    Pammy New Member

    It’s not made for that. You cannot use it as lube. Body lotions are not meant to be used for sensitive areas like the penis and the inside of the vagina.
  4. Alien

    Alien New Member

    I’ve tried virgin coconut oil and lotion when masturbating. It felt great. But I like the feel of virgin coconut oil on my skin better. I haven’t tried using them as lubricants when having sex with my girlfriend though.
  5. Arch

    Arch New Member

    Just buy a lubricant. It’s not that expensive and you can buy it anywhere. I mean, it’s easy to get them. Just go to a grocery or local pharmacy. Just think that you’re buying a condom or a tampon. Buy the water based or silicone based lubes as oil based ones can cause condoms to break.
  6. BigCat

    BigCat Member

    The wetter the better. When I was younger, this was never a problem for me. An awesome foreplay and my partner’s saliva was enough to make me wet. Now, we need the help of lubricants.
  7. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    It depends on a few things. If you’re a male and just wanting to reduce friction during masturbation, you can use any body lotion. But you would have to use a lot of it because your skin would absorb the body lotion. Then you would run out of lube, and you need to reapply more.
    Now, if you’re a female, don’t use lotion as a lubricant. Just don’t. This could cause problems for you. It can get inside you and this might cause an infection.

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