dilaudid 4mg street value? My pills dont work

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by hank, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. hank

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    I thought dilaudid was more powerful than Percocet, but I think I was wrong. My GP had administered 4mg Dilaudid today morning to relieve me of pain. But I am damn sure; it has not shown better results than Percocet even after taking 6 in the past 6 hours. I do agree with the fact that different drugs show different effect on individuals, but this drug is hardly helping me relieve my pain. Can someone clarify it to me please?

    PS: The fact that it wasn’t working at all has made me suspicious that it might be fake. What is the street value of legit 4mg Dilaudid anyway?
  2. loopee

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    Stop popping in dilaudid as per your wish. I am surprised to know that your doctor has not instructed you properly on how to go about with this medicine. Dilaudid is many times more powerful than morphine. I have been prescribed 4mg of dilaudid 2 weeks back and yes, I do agree that Roxicodone 30mg was much more powerful than this and helped me get better relief. I spoke to my doctor when I noticed about this and he told me that the effects of dilaudid doesn’t last too long because it has a short half-life. I suggest you clarify from your doctor regarding your dosage per day. As far as I think, you have already exceeded your dose. Also, do not go by the size of the pill. It is small, but very strong. A 4mg dilaudid is equal to 30mg morphine. If the pill is not able to relieve your pain, then it is an indication to you and your doctor that you are not an ideal candidate for opiate treatment. So hold your horses and consult your doctor before taking another pill. Take care and Get well sooon!!!
  3. Helen

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    I have been prescribed 15mg of oxycodone, 2 times a day for HA pain. But at times, it doesn’t help at all. I then rush to ER and get a dilaudid, mostly 4mg. I must admit, it is realllyyy strongggg!!! As strong as an elephant!!! It had the capability to knock me out for almost 24 hours. But there was this one instance, when 4mg couldn’t relieve my pain the doc gave me a 6mg and sent me back home. I do not even remember leaving the clinic and it was my husband who had brought me back home and put me to bed. He then went about doing his own work. Luckily, he happened to come to our bedroom in between to attend a phone call and saw that I had turned blue and was not breathing. Immediately he dialed 911 and was rushed to the hospital. They injected me narcan and pulled out the entire narcotic in my system. Reason - I was overdosed on 6mg. The team of doctors told me that if it had been 15 more mins, I would have slipped into coma and would have been non-recoverable. So, please be careful when you are dealing with this drug. It is not something to mess around with!!!
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    My heart skipped a beat when I read your story last night. I decided to meet my doctor today, but he is out of town till Tuesday. I stopped taking dilaudid as per your advice. But to be honest, it is not even a percent useful when it comes to getting rid of my pain. Percocet has been more effective in my case and I would like to continue with it. But with my doctor away for almost a week, I think I will have to manage with taking one or at the most two dilaudid a day. I am very scared to take that pill after I read your experience with it. I am so grateful to God that I am doing fine even after consuming so many pills. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
  5. loopee

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    I think this is a good idea. I do agree with the fact that different meds have different effects on people. I think you have greater analgesic tolerance. My 30mg Roxicodone used to make me feel much better than 8mg of dialudid; even though dilaudid is much stronger on paper. So, it varies from person to person. There is one more thing I would like to shed some light on. These drugs may not give you pain relief but deep with your body, even without your knowledge, they can cause respiratory suppression. So, it is not safe for you to increase your dosage without having a proper discussion with your doctor. Talk to him first and get your options. Good luck!!!
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    I am Pokie. I underwent a major surgery sometime back and I have been put on 10mg oxycodone, which was not helpful. Now I am on 30mg Roxicodone. Is this dosage fine or will I get overdosed. I don’t want to die of a drug overdose. Please help me out!!!