Dilaudid vs Opana

Discussion in 'Pain Management & Painkillers' started by bixie, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. bixie

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    What are the differences between oxymorphone(opana) and hydromorphone(dilaudid)? Recently my spine troubles have exacerbated and looks like I need more potent painkillers and this query will help understand more about my options.
  2. Rad

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    Well, both Opana and Dilaudid are many times stronger than morphine, so you could expect very good pain control from both. Oxymorphone/Opana is stronger painkiller than hydromorphone/Dilaudid.
  3. House

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    The above maybe true when taken as an injection or IV. Oxymorphone has much poorer potency when taken as an oral pill.Dilaudid and Opana belong to the same synthetic family as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Opana prescribing instructions mention that it is 2 times stronger than Oxycontin and 3 times stronger than MSContin.

    If taken orally Dilaudid(hydromorphone) is stronger than Opana(oxymorphone) per mg but the reverse is true if taken via IV. Opana(oxymorphone) has poor bio-availability and so IV Opana is 10 times stronger than IV morphone while oral Opana is only about 3 times stronger than oral morphine.

    Alcohol seriously affects the serum levels of both Opana and Dilaudid. When you mix Opana and alcohol, the serum levels are higher by as much as 270%.
  4. bixie

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    So alcohol enhances the pain-relieving effects?
  5. Magnus

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    I am on Opana ER 20 mg for past 4 months and it works wonders and this is coming from someone who has a stubborn tolerance to Oxycodone. I take it orally. Dilaudid on the other hand didn't do much. I have heard IV is the only way to get the best from Dilaudid.
  6. ErectileReptile

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    I have tried it recreationally . The high you can get with 20mg Opana ER after a good meal is damn strong and euphoric. Oxy does not come close to this. It can be compared to good quality Ecstacy. The high is full of audio and visual distortions and quite exciting :p
  7. batman

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    Both Dilaudid and Opana are stronger than Heroin. These are for people in extreme pain. The talk of people using this recreationally makes me cringe :mad: You make the "Anti Drug" policy of the govt warranted and IMO are spoiling it for people who really need these drugs.
  8. Kenny

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    I can't imagine why anyone would take serious drugs like Opana recreationally. My father took them for "Complex regional pain syndrome" and the withdrawals from the drug are horrible.
  9. laura714

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    Not entirely true. An 8mg Dilaudid tablet Is roughly equianalgesic with 15mg oxymorphone (Opana). The big difference is taking by the intranasal route - both have higher bioavailability intranasally, but the difference between oral and IN is MUCH more pronounced with Opana - you can make a solution of known strength using a CWE, and use in a metered dosage nasal spray - my 12mg hydromorphone dose then becomes only about 5mg and oxymorphone 20mg becomes 3.5mg. Get your dilutions correct though, and do NOT attempt this (it's probably going to end up a fatal mistake if you are using fentanyl in this way) unless you know exactly what you are doing and the dilutions are absolutely 100% spot on.
    B/A oral oxymorphone is only about 20%, but 87% if insufflated.
  10. Roadrunner

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    Nasal route means faster brain levels and higher bioavailabitity. Both are very strong PKs and only Fentanyl is stronger. But Nasal route can get unpredictable results and have in mind how strong this kind of pks are. They are really not for opioid naive people.