do bed bug bites look like pimples?

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  1. Lula

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    I had rented a mattress a week back, dried it out in the sun from morn till noon and started using it right after that. 3 days later, I found a small red spot on my left foot. It didn’t hurt or itch too much and looked more like a pimple and started fading after 2 days. Then another boil sort of thing popped up next to it and that faded away too. Now, I have found a similar spot on my lower back and on my tummy. They itch, but very little but they do not hurt at all. I am worried if they are bites caused by bed bugs. I change my bed sheets every week but I still feel it could be bed bugs since the mattress is rented. I did a thorough check up of the mattress as well, but couldn’t find any bugs on it. Is it really there or is it all in my mind? Someone with bed bug experience please help me out!!!
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    I don’t think it is a good idea to use rented mattress. I read an article about these used and cleaned mattresses and it says the cleaning doesn’t guarantee freedom from germs or bugs. So just get rid of this mattress and buy yourself a new one.
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    I too definitely suggest that you first get rid of that ruddy mattress. And please do not buy used furniture, especially not the ones made out of wood or cloth. It is always worth to invest on a new one. Also, get yourself checked by a GP and let him tell you what the red spots are all about. Good luck.
  4. Jerry

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    LulaLula I have been through a lot because of bedbugs in my mattress and trust me these tiny creepy creatures are hard to be found. I searched for them a lot but all went in vain. Even if you spray chemicals to kill these bugs, it just doesn’t work because they do not die easily. My bug bite experience has been so bad that I had red spots all over my back which itched so bad that I had to be rushed to the doc immediately. Bed bugs are really small and it is not easy to spot them. My advice too like the others would be to get your mattress changed. There are hygiene issues when you buy used furniture and I suggest you avoid getting into such risks.
  5. Alien

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    I can totally relate to what you are saying. I had bed bug bites all over my body, from face to my feet. They were there all over my apartment, from my clothes to my shoes. These creatures are so cunning that they come out only when you are sleeping and they suck your blood while you are fast asleep and go back into hiding. I did all I can to get rid of them, from spraying Lysol everywhere to throwing out the mattress and show boxes and even bombing my apartment with poison. It was after a few weeks that I read in the newspaper that the brand from which I bought the mattress was fined for selling old mattresses as new ones. I was disheartened to know that along with my old mattress I will even have to throw the new one out, but your well-being comes first right! So, I threw it out and invested in a new one which is known to reject bed bugs. I think you can check out the market and get yourself something similar. And used mattress is a big NO NO!!