Do women really like to swallow cum?

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    I have been wondering about this ever since I got into these crazy adventures with my new girl. We are into all kinds of kinky stuff but I have been afraid to ask her if she would like to try swallowing after the BJ or when I am almost about to pull out .So I thought I will get some insight here about girls swallowing semen before I pop up that question to her and have some clue about how to approach this or what to expect.
  2. BigCat

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    Being a woman, from my personal experience I would say Yes for sure and for the following reasons-

    1. The Pavlov Effect.
    Anyone who tries beer, wines or some sort of new green tea/ coffee ends up realizing it’s more of an acquired taste. Over different phases, the drinks get associated with a more pleasing effect or give a buzz of sorts and due to this people relish them or get habituated to it .Similarly though I didn’t truly love my first blow of semen down my tongue and throat , over a period I linked it with my bf’s admiration and pleasure as well as my own stimulation and orgasm. Eventually, like Pavlov's dog drooling at the sound of a bell, the scent, flavor and feel of semen became something that I really the point of truly longing for it.

    2. Mutuality- When I willingly gulp all that he squirts in my way, he doesn’t get queasy when I do my thing of squirting all over his body .

    3. It's a great feeling - Some sexual actions just drives the boys into raging passion. I enjoy the deserted expression on his face when he cums and I end up swallowing it all .

    On the down side , be cautious . If the semen is too saline, clumpy or if it is foul-smelling due to infection or a bad diet then it can be all grossed up . This also applies for women and their liquids . If you are into a healthy diet (avoid red meat) , drink lots of water and into good hygiene habits ,swallowing it would be my pleasure.
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  3. Donna

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    A lot of this is debatable and depends on the guys diet habits. Usually I have no issues with the taste but if my guy eats a lot of greasy burgers and fries, it can have a foul taste and smell. Majority of my experiences have been great, not just the taste but the mutual sharing of experiences between me and my guy. A few of them have been borderline nice to swallow without stressing too much. Very rarely I have had to suggest the guy about their eating habits but they too were understanding.
  4. Mag

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    Gee, what a sweet question :p
    This can’t be completely stereotyped to all women. Almost half the population on this planet consists of females and they all have baffling tastes and choices just as men have their own preferences.

    Some women prefer to get mouthful; some are not so keen ; few like doing in particular circumstances but not otherwise. Some just love it and some totally despise it .

    Shortcuts are not a part of relations. You can’t just generalize that your gf likes to swallow just because some amount of women like to do it . If you wish to know what your girl likes , you need to talk to her and get to know her.
  5. CelL4

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    Few years back I did a small survey on this topic along with lot of field research and here are some of my discoveries.
    As mentioned above some women are passionate about the act of fellatio and swallowing semen and many aren’t . But a lot of these women who say they don’t enjoy it or wish not to try , alter their airs when it comes to highly desirable or a sexy man or even when the women were particularly aroused.

    Most women who enjoyed swallowing did stress a lot on the diet part of it. One of the women mentioned that if there was any sea food involved in the previous few meals ,swallowing was a strict no whereas some couple went to the extent of feeding chocolates or sweets and then went for the action .
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    We sure do enjoy swallowing it or at least few of us do. A lot of them spit, and some won't even go down on their partners which I don’t understand.

    I am not like some of the people above who say they love the taste so much that they desire it; I am fine with the taste , and do feel the changes when my boyfriend consumes different kinds of food items or drinks.

    I essentially like the physical sensation of something solid on the back of my gullet It does take a lot of easing and training to deep throat without a gag impulse.

    I like the whole exercise. Do I just do it to make the guy happy? Once in a while, but most of the time I just initiate the blow job part and not the full sex part cause I like the BJ part .It's sort of like the thing that gives joy without expecting something in return. Sometimes it can be fun for just a quickie at work, in the car or outdoors.

    I do adore the emotional control I have over my mate by dictating speed, getting him to the verge of it, asking him to stop and then see him plead, screech or groan . I have the total control to decide to let things cool down and start once more or conclude the act, it’s totally my decision which I love.
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    This comes from an experience of a 28 year old male. I have been fortunate when it comes to BJs and swallowing since my girl does like it all the way and enjoys absorbing my load.

    As a matter of fact, we were conversing on this just today itself. During a kinky textual exchange, I questioned her if she truly loved my semen down her mouth and the flavor as well as swallowing portion or did she always do it just to keep my happy and for my pleasures . I was keen about this because many a times I have felt somewhat guilty after this act.

    But her reply was a pure sign of relief and delight when she said in her own words "Not all my girlfriends love it but when I speak for myself , I like it sometimes because of the hotness of your dick and its hardness as well as texture when its fully erect in my mouth .It just feels good and then I see your face enjoying it .”
  8. House

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    lol, thats a whole lot of words to convery that she does indeed do it only for you without actually enjoying it :p
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  9. Carter

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    There are two issues with this question in my opinion.

    1. It just assumes that because majority or some women love it , all women do . No all women don’t like it .
    2. It assumes that sperm tastes the same for every man whereas it doesn’t. Just like your piss , the sperm to has different colour / smell / taste etc and it all depends on your health , diet and other factors.

    So unless the OP can specify and mention his factors there can’t be a definitely answer to this question .
  10. lou

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    Ugh I really HATE awallowing or even letting it touch my tongue…but surely my husband would love if I did it more… but it’s so so yucky :oops:
  11. shirley

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    Men can be pretty weird when in comes to BJ. What difference should it make whether the girl awallows that icky cum... Just be grateful the girl is putting yourdick in her mouth at all.
  12. rbeauty111

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    Nope, never smells like chlorine and is salty. Dont get me wrong, I love dicks and enjoy giving blowjobs and dont mind a lil of it seeping in my mouth, but I cant go licking and swallowing the whole load like a pornstar.