does jelqing actually really work? Any reviews?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by bumfuzzle, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. bumfuzzle

    bumfuzzle New Member

    I am new here, I have been lurking around for about a week, and finally decided to sign up. I have always been unsatisfied with my 4.5 girth and want to increase it to 5.

    I have been going through forums and a lot of people claim that jelqing works, but I am unable to wrap my head around it. I have done some googling too, and there are a lot of pages detailing side effects and other problems. Medical evidence seems inconclusive.

    It has already been 3 days since I have adopted the JP90 routine. I have no idea what I am doing, or if it’s even working. I have some questions which is one of the main reasons I joined.
    1. How does it feel after jelqing? I hardly feel any different after the routine.
    2. Can it negatively affect my size if I do the routine incorrectly? I don’t want to get smaller than I currently am.
    3. Is 3-5 minutes of warm-up enough?
  2. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    Jelqing works and I can vouch for it. Just like with any exercise, it depends on how you are doing it and how much. Continuing with the analogy of gyms, there are going to be people who over exert and will hurt themselves. Some people will get super buff quite easily, and the rest might not see much improvement. You need to listen to your body and learn what is best for you. It has been years since I started PE and it has been a gift which keeps on giving.
  3. Biggie

    Biggie New Member

    First of all, welcome to the forum.
    Vivian has given some you some sound advice. JP90 is perfect for beginners. Just like you would in a gym, go slow with your routine in the beginning and increase the repetitions and jelqing intensity over the long run.
    Never be afraid to ask questions, its better to ask questions and appear foolish than hurting yourself. We are here to help you with any further questions that you may have.
    It’s ok if you don’t feel much now. It’s just the beginning and it takes a while to get conditioned to it.
  4. bumfuzzle

    bumfuzzle New Member

    Thank you for answering. Could you please help me with the other questions as well? I would like to be absolutely sure about PE, before going further with it. Yesterday night I felt slight pain after I finished.
  5. Dimity

    Dimity New Member

    Feeling some pain after you finish jelqing is common when you start out. It’s just mild pain, and not all experience it. Just go easy in the first few weeks with the routine.
    More pain, more gain is not the right approach in PE, while just starting out with your routine.
    If you get too intense with your routine, you might experience a drop in your Erection Quality (EQ). It’s ideal to build up your routine slowly over a month or two. As in any activity, keeping a log helps keep track of your progress.
  6. Biggie

    Biggie New Member

    3-5 minutes warm up time is good. Try to keep it to 5 minutes. Having proper knowledge about the process is the gateway to success in any routine. Same goes with jelqing. You can refer to the detailed beginners guide to jelqing. You did the right thing by asking, better safe than sorry, I say.
  7. bumfuzzle

    bumfuzzle New Member

    Thanks a lot guys. You have been of great help. I will keep you guys updated about my progress. Hopefully, I will be the one making one of those detailed progress posts in a while.
  8. Litt

    Litt New Member

    I believe 3-5 minutes would be inadequate warm up. Better to go for upwards of 5 and up to 10 minutes of warm up. Hot wrap warm up works best for me. Warm up is followed by stretching and then jelqing. Ideally you should have around 50% erection during your routine. It’s better to use slightly forceful jelqs, as it helps achieve that after workout pumped up feel, and also helps achieve the best results for most guys.
  9. Phill

    Phill New Member

    I read these terms, 50% erection, 60% erection and I am really confused. How does one calculate the hardness in percentage? I would appreciate it if someone would explain it to me in lay man terms.
    All I know is to hold my dick a little harder than I do when I jack off. I am comfortable with that.
  10. spike

    spike New Member

    You can jelq while flaccid too. It’s a safe way.
  11. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    IMO 60-70% hardness is the best range to jelq :)