Does Testosterone Make The Penis Grow Bigger?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by chunkslayer, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. chunkslayer

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    Can I make my grow dick longer using testosterone?
  2. Zerg

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    Is there any specific reason for you to consider taking testosterone supplements? Are you aware of the natural and thus definitely safer methods of increasing your testosterone levels? Chronic exposure to high levels of testosterone can be carcinogenic. Apart from the possibility that your nuts will become smaller, it does not make your penis grow larger. Personally I can't imagine me taking testosterone, at any age.
  3. fopdoodle

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    Hey, are you asking about the shots or, the natural ways and means of increasing testosterone levels?

    I have read of many cases where as part of PE, sperm retention is practised. The resulting spikes in the hormone levels had resulted in improving the gains. But, overall, injections have generally done more harm than good. Suggest you stay away from that line of thinking.
  4. batman

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    Your dick is mainly made up of muscle tissue. It also has collagen and elastin. It is proven that testosterone levels have no impact on any of the three aforementioned types of tissues. For some short durations your HQ (horniness quotient) may improve but no permanent gains on the physical side.
  5. supremeshit

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    I am not sure about the cancer angle mentioned above. I will try to explain in a simple language. Your nuts make the testosterone, as and when your brain asks them to do. Once you start injecting, the brain assumes that your nuts have gone, well, nuts, and signals them to stop! Being the boss's order, your nuts will stop producing testosterone. That's the reason they actually shrink (too harsh, become smaller).

    Those nuts of yours don't work like a switch – on, this instant, off the next. So, once you stop those injections of yours, it will take quite some time for them to start producing the levels that they are normally used to. They are like a factory that was shut down and is asked to restart production. Takes time, right?

    On the flip side, high levels of testosterone do give you extra hard erections. Yu will be able to have sex for longer periods and more frequently. No doubts on that!

    As far as length is concerned, you will be longer as your pole measures longer when extended as compared to it's flaccid state! But, there are no permanent gains. Your GP will tell you as and when you really need the testosterone. And the good doc will also tell you safe methods of doing it.
  6. Oakster

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    I have experience with what you are asking. Some of the posters have made very relevant observations. Once you stop the injections, you will be left with weaker erections and will take quite some time to recover the lost levels. You may need therapy to become normal. Yeah, that too!

    Also, as a booster to PE, testosterone does not do much other than a giving you a harder and sometimes painful dick. It can't stay harder for longer without the muscle tissue feeling the fatigue.

    To cap it with a straight and simple answer – no testosterone will not make your dick longer.
  7. bellweather

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    Testosterone is the hormone that controls your sexual drive. So higher levels would mean that you get better and harder erections. There is no effect on your size.

    Coming to cancer factor, it is cancer of the prostate gland not testicles (your nuts) that becomes a higher possibility with higher levels of testosterone.
  8. Cells

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    There is a surge in the levels of testosterone at puberty. That is the reason for the sudden spurt of growth of all your body parts, dick included. This may have led to some people thinking testosterone could make the penis bigger. Far from the truth.
  9. colton

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    Let me share my research on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). There is a generally accepted theory that risk of pCA (prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer, we guys get) greatly increases with extra testosterone is primarily based on a case study done in 1941 on a single patient. That study actually was on effect of decreasing the levels of testosterone by castration or, added estrogen (female hormone). They found that prostate cancer that spreads to other body parts regressed in the face of reduction in testosterone levels.

    In males, testosterone levels hit their highest levels during their 20's. pCA normally starts in the late 50's. One assumption that followed was cancer takes those 30 years to actually develop and become evident.

    Interestingly no one in the later times thought it worth following up to do more comprehensive studies. So the study has become an enduring legend that TRT in older men would lead to pCA.

    However, some smaller studies indicated that pCA is not linked to TRT. Some even pointed out some men reporting improvement in condition like pain in the bones (pCA spreads and in that state is called metastatic pCA, most common points of spreading being bones, lungs and the liver).

    Personally however TRT did not do well for me. my PSA is showing higher levels and am scheduled to meet my specialist for a review.
  10. Ivan

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    I am 31. In my case it was a necessity that I take TRT. This is under guidance from my GP. I used to weight train till two years back. My supplements were the usual suspects – whey protein and some creatinine. I became lethargic and would feel sleepy most of the time. A feeling of depression followed. My GP asked for a hormone evaluation and was shocked at my extremely low levels of the T. he advised me T-shots. He gave those once in two months. It has been a year or, so now. Let me tell you, those shots changed my world. I became active and my libido went sky high. I really don't know the exact mechanism of blood flows and their relation to testosterone levels but, it is not just I, my wife too can feel the difference. One thing I can confirm that if things were normal, I would not have taken the injections. I do feel bigger because my erections are better.
  11. Case

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    29 year old here. I did not find my problem was lower testosterone levels till I was 27. I too was feeling groggy all the time. This was through the middle and high school. My beard never grew. And I transformed from a slender kid to an obese one.

    I tried out all the contact sports, football, basketball, hockey. Also tried hiking and snowboarding. But, there was no difference to my constant feeling like a zombie. It was then a doctor diagnosed my problem as hypogonadism. Apparently my nuts are OK but my pituitary gland is not. The results were dramatic. I lost ~100lbs the first year, dropped from 312 to 208 lbs (yeah, I was that obese). I also developed some muscle and gained some interest in sex life.

    My advice is if you feel something is off, get a test done and take your GP's advice. Hypogonadism can cause ED. You may not have the problem, but getting yourself tested and then only starting out on injections would be a safer option. By the way, there is no change in my dick size for sure.