Enlarged swollen taste buds on back of tongue

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  1. vixy

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    I noticed some time back that my tongue has a white coating over it. Even if I try to clean it up by using my toothbrush, but it still makes a comeback. I even noticed that my mouth feels dry even if I keep drinking water and gives pout a bad odour too. At times, I even face trouble breathing with my nose. I did consult a doctor and he prescribed me anti-allergic tablets.

    Also, there are little pink bumps at the end of my tongue. One of my friends took a look at it and felt it was enlarged taste buds and said it was nothing to be worried about. But it worries me because I have not seen or heard of anyone else having a similar condition. Can someone please give me some hope? I am awfully worried as to what all of these could be!
  2. Job80

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    I think the whitish coating on your tongue could be yeast. Do you even get a weird taste in your mouth?
  3. RJ

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    I think you are plain allergic to something. You should have a doctor to take a look at it seriously and get meds prescribed that will help you keep your allergies in control. I think you should give allergy shots a try. They were helpful when I suffered from allergic reactions. You can also ask your doc to give you a decongestant so that it will help you breathe better.
  4. lonelyman

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    I do have enlarged taste buds, which are the size of a pea but it is flat in shape. Mine doesn’t hurt; so I do not know if it usually does. Watch your diet. It could be the reason for the whitish deposits on tongue. Also, use Listerine on a daily basis to ward off the bad breath. Hope it helps.
  5. O2

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    Is your whitish coating very thick? If yes then it could be yeast build up. Try to scrape it off gently with a spoon because I don’t think a toothbrush would work. You can do this a few times in a day and see if it goes off completely. Drink lots and lots of water to keep you hydrated. It will in turn help prevent your mouth from drying out.
  6. pacman

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    There is something called, “tongue scraper” and comes in plastic as well as metal. Try to scrape the whitish coating with it and use a medicated mouthwash to keep it at bay. I think you should consult a dentist and take his opinion on what can be done. Gently brush your tongue too with toothpaste while brushing your teeth.

    I think if you are the one who eats too many sweets, then it could also be a major cause of this thick white deposit. It is always better to consult a dentist regarding the same.