Experience with online places to get generics without a prescription

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  1. alluster

    alluster New Member

    hi im new to the site and i just want somewhere legit and not a scam to get meds to get my life back to normal, i have ordered from a place online that has mixed reviews and i have spoken with this place a few times, apparently it has gotten lost in the mail and they are reshipping it to me
    Please i need guidance and help from someone that knows what to do

  2. batman

    batman Member

    This can happen when you order from offshore websites. Atleast they are reshipping it. When are you supposed to receive? Are you able to track the shipment?
  3. alluster

    alluster New Member

    They did re ship it and I did receive it, it was three days after I contacted them, I was impressed
  4. MissMia

    MissMia New Member

    Consider yourself lucky, honey! Many, many people have been ripped off bad in the past.
  5. alexbfr

    alexbfr New Member

    How's it going. Agree that you should be very careful about ordering online...often the cost is actually more than what you would normally pay if you went through your doctor and you run the risk of getting poorly made drugs
  6. alexbfr

    alexbfr New Member

    I don't know if this helps either but I've been looking at OP reviews can possibly give you another piece of information to weigh in before deciding if you'd like to order. There's tons of resources out there but it can be difficult to know which ones are reliable or not. I'm no expert, but probably asking around on specialty forums (like ones where doctors and pharmacists will answer questions for free on), and forums like this one and online reviews are the best bet. Good luck!
  7. Ron

    Ron New Member

    Hi I recently bought kamagra from usachemist.com, it says the pills have been shipped and I was wondering in your experience how long does in normally take to come in the mail I live in NC
  8. Newman

    Newman New Member

    I have received my packaged under 5 days most of the time. Although, I am told that sometimes it can take 7-10 days if their inventory stored within is exhausted.