Facet Joint injections for back pain, Any experience?

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  1. FreeSpirit

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    I am in pain guys. I have a degenerative L4/5 disc. The nerves in the region have compressed that causes pain right down to my thighs. I am in agony for the past 2 years. I have tried acupuncture, physiotherapy and even Indian Ayurveda but nothing helps.

    I am considering surgery. My pain doc is going to give me facet joint injections and says they have helped some patients like me. Anyone here have any experience with it. I am so worried.
  2. WonderMan

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    I have the exact same problem. I have had facet injections for my bulges on L4/5. They don't prick you without a local anesthetic, so you will only feel pressure mostly and bearable prick pain. It doesn't work immediately though and will take a week for its effect to take over. I got considerable pain relief from it but I understand not everyone has the same pain relieving effects. Good news is they last a long time. I had it 7 months back and still shielded from the ferocity of pain.
  3. BlueDiamond

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    Does not hurt. I think most of us that suffer from spinal pain have a higher than normal tolerance for pain in any case. If you are anxious you can even ask for a sedative in addition to the LA. The facet injection I had gave me good relief but not complete relief. They also seemed to increase my pain for the next couple of days before they really started to help. I took them under IV sedation and you should too, it really helps with the anxiety.
  4. FreeSpirit

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    Really heartening to learn that these injections help and that the procedure is manageable. I am now positive this will help me and looking forward to the dip in pain and be able to live my life like a normal human being.

    BlueDiamondBlueDiamond Bit worried about the part where you mentioned the pain could increase initially, I cant imagine how I would cope with an increase in pain, I think I am pretty close to agonizing pain already.

    If this doesn't work, I am told the next step is to have epidural injections.
  5. Whisperer

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    I have to say, they didn't help me much for my L2/L3. The injections don't pain due to the LA but later on the area will be sore, so be ready with an ice-bag. I have been suggested surgery too, but for now I am managing with meds. I really would like to avoid surgery as much as possible. Take a couple of days off from work and keep yourself hydrated. You will be ok!
  6. Tom

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    Here is what happened to me:
    I was asked to lie face-down and the nurse puts a towel on my waist after cleaning my lower back. The doctor took a look at the X-Ray and then proceeded to give me 3 LA injections around the area (L5 S1). After a few minutes he came back and with the help of XRay guidance injected a small needle into the area and informed me he was injecting a dye to make sure he got the right area. He left the needle in. Once he did could confirm he got things right he then injected a mixture of lydocaine and cortisone in the area and then removed the needle. It worked extremely well for me and got me close to complete relief. I pray you get the same result.
  7. Wood

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    Here is a video
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    I have had about 8 of those shots under an X-Ray machine.The first pain doctor never sedated me.I just about fell off the table.He was bad..
    Then I found a doctor Anand in Calif.Who sedated me.Put me to sleep.When I awoke I was back in my hospital bed.Now that is the way to go.Helped a great deal.After 8 years the pain subsided and I don't need to wear a SI Joint belt no more.He gave me Somas.And he would again if I get a shot first.No thank you.