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  1. lurker

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    I experienced mild erectile dysfunction because of too much stress, not just with work, but with my relationship as well. And because of my ED, my relationship turned for the worse, which in turn caused me more stress. My girlfriend and I worked it out and we were able to save our relationship, and she understood my problem with ED. I consulted a doctor and I was prescribed Levitra. I’m really glad that my doctor gave me this drug although I am now on the generic :) The effects are long lasting and my girlfriend and I are very much happy with our sex life.
  2. claud

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    Stuffy nose, headaches, nausea, and palpitations. I experienced all those with using Levitra. The side effects of this drug are just too much for me to handle. As if dealing with erectile dysfunction isn’t already hard (How ironic, eh?). I stopped using it altogether because I still can’t have sex because of the side effects. Yes, I did get and erection. But it’s difficult for me to perform because of the nausea and headaches.
  3. dta

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    I’m a 57 year old male with erectile dysfunction. I thought that my problems with ED would be solved with this drug, but as it turns out I was wrong. Levitra is the second one that I’ve tried. The first is Viagra. I experienced some side effects with Viagra so I asked my doctor if he can prescribe me another drug. He gave me Levitra. But the side effects are almost the same.
    I experienced congestion, headaches, and my stomach became upset. It’s not easy to have sex when you feel uncomfortable because of the side effects. I think I’ll go back to the doc and ask him to prescribe something that won’t fuk me up like this.
  4. Will

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    I have tried Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and I can say that among the three, Levitra works the best for me. I am getting old now, and still sexually active, and Levitra hasn’t let me down yet. It is more effective when I take it before having any food. At 10 mg, it can take effect within half an hour and I can get a really good erection. The only side effect that I experienced with Levitra is having stuffy nose which is just fine with me. A minor congestion is nothing compared to satisfying myself and my partner when having sex.
  5. exp

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    I’m 55 and I’ve been using Levitra for many years now. I was able to really get a good erection within just 30 minutes of taking a 10 mg pill. The effects are really that fast, and it is long lasting too. But a few weeks ago, I noticed that it has been not working that well. I don’t know if my ED is becoming worse of if Levitra is losing its potency. I even thought that perhaps my little buddy has become immune to it. Then I increased the dosage to 20 mg. And it worked. With just enough stimulation, I was able to get rock hard. I’m just glad that I can still rely on Levitra to help me with my ED.
  6. stark

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    I have mild erectile dysfunction and it turns out that 10 mg of Levitra is just what I needed. I really can’t believe it. The effects last for upto 12 hours sometimes. This is really a wonder drug. And it’s fast acting too. I can feel the effects immediately within 30 minutes of taking it. I would really recommend it to anyone who is suffering from mild ED.
  7. zee

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    I’ve heard that Levitra has a lot of side effects that is why at first I was reluctant to try it. But I really wanted to impress my girl with my prowess in bed hehe. I popped a 10 mg pill in my mouth, and barely 20 minutes later, I already felt its amazing effects. I just touched myself a bit and my penis sprang like a tiger :D

    I really get good erections with this and I am still ready for another round the next morning. Although mornings I normally don't have much problems getting erections, but I know the naughty "Lev" is giving me that extra. I can feel that bitch working haha.
  8. albin

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    I’am 65 and I’ve had problems with my erection. And even if I get erect, which seldom happens anymore, it only lasts for a while, not good enough to have sex with the wife. Then I took a leap and purchased Levitra(generic) of the internet.

    A 20 mg pill takes about 45 minutes to an hour to take effect for me but when it does, it’s really awesome. My erections last long long enough to take my wife into pure bliss. Although I get a minor headache after taking Levitra, the benefits are really great.
  9. rippler

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    Levitra is a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth it. I am already 70 years old, and some might say that I am already past my prime. But with this magic pill on my arsenal, I am telling you that I can still perform like the young studs out there. I’m really glad that a drug like this is available on the market. It makes old men like me feel young again. I’m totally satisfied and happy with my life.
  10. Ricky

    Ricky New Member

    I was prescribed with 20 mg Levitra for my ED. The first time I tried it, I experienced strong side effects. I have asthma so the congestion was really annoying. The headache I can manage, it’s the sinus thing that I can’t really stand.
    Then I tried cutting the dose in half to see if the side effects would be lessened, but sad to say, the side effects are still not manageable for me. I guess that my body is just not compatible with Levitra.