hard lump on left side of neck no pain

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  1. Sasha

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    There is a painless swollen lump on the left side of my neck since the last 3 months. I consulted a doctor 2 months back because at that time I suffered from swollen tonsils as well. There was a big white spot on it. I thought it was strep or tonsillitis, but then there was no pain along with it. My doctor gave me a mono and a strep test and both came back clear. So he couldn’t figure out what it is and sent me back with a course of antibiotics for my tonsillitis. But they were of no use in getting rid of the lump although they were helpful in shrinking my tonsillitis, even if not completely. I also feel that the size of the node has increased a little bit since my last visit to doctor. I even noticed that I have lost at least 10 pounds in the last 2 months without a change in my diet or eating habits. The only relief I have is that the lump is not painful.
  2. aurelia

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    It is always better to be cautious about these lumps. I have a similar one on the right side of my neck and it is not painful. I got it checked with my GP and he said it was a cyst and asked me to return after a month for a review check-up. I think yours might be the same too.
  3. Sasha

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    I forgot to mention that I have been suffering from recurring infections over the past one year. My doc has put me on antibiotics 5 times this year. I have suffered a few throat infections, kidney infections and bronchitis. I have taken an appointment with my doctor the next week. Meanwhile can anyone tell me if they too have been through this? I am anxious but the lack of pain relieves me a lot. I hope it’s nothing serious. Please do reply.
  4. Sasha

    Sasha New Member

    I feel happy to see your reply. Thank you so much for it. I would like to ask if your doctor gave any more details about this cyst. I hope it is not cancerous. And yesterday, I noticed another swollen lymph node behind my neck near the collarbone. What exactly is causing all these lymph nodes to swell? I am panicking now!!!
  5. christopherr

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    I suggest that you rush to a doctor and get it checked ASAP. I do not intend to scare you but I have seen my mother’s case where she had a painless lump in the neck and since it was painless she ignored it for a very long time. Later she was diagnosed with leukaemia and lymphoma 4th stage. At the same time my son also has a swollen node in the same area and when we got him checked we came to know that it is because of an ear infection. So do not panic, but to be on the safer side, it is always good to get yourself checked on time.
  6. Sasha

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    I went to the doctor today. She once again did the strep and mono tests which came back negative. She has also got a CBC done, but I am not yet aware of its results. I did not get a complete diagnosis, but I felt my doctor seemed distressed today. Seeing her reactions, I fear it might be something serious. She informed me that I needed to see a specialist and referred me to one the very instant. The specialist poked my neck and I couldn’t judge his reactions. He seemed pretty calm about the whole thing. He has ordered for a CT scan and I have to get it done tomorrow. What worries me is that if he felt there was nothing wrong in particular, why would he want me to do a CT scan??? . OMG…what if it is actually a cancer. I can’t even think about it.
  7. BigDaddy1231

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    Do not worry my dear. He would have asked for a CT just to double check things. Things would be fine!! Also, I would suggest that you take a second opinion of another specialist just to cross check. You know we shouldn’t be taking any risks with such things. Again, this is not to get you worried. Good luck!!!
  8. Neo

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    They might even ask you to follow up your scan with an ultrasound to be doubly sure about things. So, please do not panic. It is just for the doctor’s assurance and not because there is something wrong with you. You will do fine!!!
  9. christopherr

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    Yes, they do that, but in my mom’s case I think they had no time to waste and they performed a biopsy straight away. That at least bought her some time!!!
  10. Sasha

    Sasha New Member

    I was researching online and read that an enlarged lymph node in that area should be treated with caution and suspicion. I am waiting for my results to come and to hear that things are normal. Even one minute seems as long as a year. My palms and feet are sweating with fear.
  11. cynthia100

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    Hey dear, do not worry. I too had an enlarged node bang on my collarbone area. I too was asked to get a CT done and guess what, it came out clear. There was nothing significant or to be worried about. I hope it is the same in your case as well. All the best!! Keep praying and do not leave hope.
  12. ten

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    I too got painless swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck after my wisdom teeth extraction. Initially I was worried, but my GP re-assured me that there is nothing to be worried about. He is very cool about it. Did you have any tooth extraction as well? If yes, then maybe the swollen nodes could be a result of that. And yes, getting it consulted by a specialist is the best thing you can do. Go for it and I hope your case comes clear.
  13. Sasha

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    Update. Its just a lump they say...Good news is they have ruled out cancer.