hard to get rock hard erections naturally

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    So I’m on medication for diabetes,cholesterol, blood pressure, Copd, and a aspirin regiments I’m having trouble getting an hard on is this medication doing this and when it does get stiff it’s easly lost I need help to figure out what to do not wanting to go to doctor to explain why I can get it up to master bate no problem or am I just not interested in my fiancé I have the sex drive to want it daily but it may be every three months we do actually have intercourse so I take care of it myself is this the problem help anyone what’s wrong
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    You have lot of the usual suspects my friend. With erections, the problem is once you fail to get hard and have unsuccessful intercourse few times, doubts creep in and when that happens you tend to avoid sex altogether or atleast avoid intercourse part. Diabetes is definitely a contributor as is diabetes.
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    I have a very similar cocktail of meds and identical problem, I can get an erection at times but is easily lost. After a few failures to perform with my wife I fear it is now somewhat Psychological also. I did lots of research and started working out more and taking certain vitamin supplements aimed at boosting testosterone. It all helps, but does not solve the problem consistently. I told my cardiologist I was suffering ED issues and asked if he could prescribe the 20 mg sildenafil citrate generic that is approved for pulmonary hypertension. He agreed and gave me a 30 day, 1/day script for 6 months which I can get filled locally for $10. It takes 3 to 4 of the 20 mg pills about 45 min before performing for me to be consistent. Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Viagra.
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    Useful Michael_MichaelsMichael_Michaels What cardiac issues did you have? Is your doctor ok with you taking 4 pills? Whats the brand if you dont mind sharing?
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    Last December (2017) I had a stent placed in my RCA and also diagnosed with congestive heart failure with an Ejection fraction of 25%. It did not improve after 3 months of meds and rehab so they implanted an ICD in April 2018. After the implant is when I asked for the sildenafil citrate prescription. It is the generic of brand name Rivatio. It is a lower dose of Viagra which is approved for pulmonary hypertension. Basically I asked, for an "off label" use for the prescription. He agreed and suggested I try 2 pills at first, if that did not work go to 3 and that I should not exceed 6 at a time. Through trial and error, I found 2 does not get it done for me. 3 usually does the trick and 4 (80 mg) = guaranteed success. Everyone is different though. You cannot take Sildeafil Citrate at all if you are taking nitro glycerin or other nitrates for chest pain. Your blood pressure could drop to dangerous levels and there is no antidote for that.