How can USA-only medications be accessed in Europe?

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    There are around five medications which are available in the US only, in one case also Bangladesh (equally difficult to source from), which would be advantageous for me to have access to on semi regular basis; mainly analgesics. My doctor refuses to prescribe any breakthrough//escue meds even though she is well aware that OxyContin has only an average 6hr duration of action in me before I need additional analgesia - certainly nowhere even close to the 12 hours claimed on the box!

    I am also engaged in several University Research studies, one of which is chronic pain, and we are investigating the use of metered dosage nasal sprays with three analgesics whose IN bioavailability is significantly higher than by any other route, the most extreme being oxymorphone HCl. We are also looking at hydrocodone bitartrate as a good drug to fill our 'analgesic gap', between dihydrocodeine and morphine salts there is nothing available in potency. At six times the potency of the codeines, hydrocodone (more correctky dihydrocodeineone) is almost slap bang in the middle of the two and as such could help thousands upon thoisands for whom the first is too weak and the second too strong for a long term Rx.

    Are there no sources who can supply these drugs for research purposes? There does not appear to be a single online pharmacy or wholesaler that will ship outwith the US, yet US consumers can buy from almost anywhere worldwide.
    If anyone knows of perhaps another University who will send such things, according to convention and Law, Research is exempt from all licencing and other regulatory constraints; this, however, seems to be ignored by the US, the only country I know of where clinical and research matters are given the jurisdiction of a LAW enforcement agency (DEA) who are permitted to interfere in what are MEDICAL matters. Even to the extent of preventing a doctor from following the Hippocratic Oath - I have first hand knowledge of a terminal patient refused his necessary - nay, ESSENTIAL - medications and his doctor threatened for using good professional judgement. I fimd that unacceptable -

    can anyone suggest where high dosage hydromorphome ( 4 & 8mg) and Endo Opana 10mg/Global oxymorphone 40mg ER might be obtained in enough quantity to treat around 100 patients for two months? Macfarlan Smith and Johnson Matthey no longer offer oxymorphone or hydrocodone here, only to US clients.
    MAny thanks for any advice.
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    You seem to be an advanced user Laura. Ofcourse there are online sources, I have seen alibaba like Indian export sites with generic variants of hydromorphome and they seem to sell in bulk, but that wouldn''t be the legal proper way to source I guess. I am sure your university can source them legally from out of the US if they put their mind to it. 100 patients for 2 months. That's like 10,000 pills, wooshh!
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    The US, practically alone amongst nations, doesn't seem to accept the international convention that permits University Departments to exchange or send Controlled Substances for trial purposes; Hydromorphone and oxymorphone are illegal in India, however I don't know of any contract manufacturers or wholesalers in that country who offer any opioods except codeine and morphine, amd we have written to the seven largest (according to the list in the IP) such companies in india.
    It's getting to the stage where we are considering asking INDIVIDUALS engaged in similar research at US Universities to send oir requirements illicitly, ie without going throught he reams of paperwork that the US - who incidentally permit a LAW ENFORCEMENT agency (DEA) to interfere in the medical and pharmaceutical professions, even to the extent of forbidding individual doctors, pharmacists etc from doing what is clinically necessary in many cases I have seen documented; this happens nowhere else, where the Law is only to occasionally check up on the CD Register at pharmacies, and stock carried and dispensed by doctors, and that hardly ever.
    The more I try, the more difficulties I seem to encounter and I am having to take other people off their duties to assist in acquisition matters.
    It's looking like it is also going to cost far too much in ridiculoisly high rates for export and import licences when dealing with ANY supplier in the US. As a company whose work is largely pro bono, this is absolutely untenable; perhaps going around the Law may be the only answer in this case, much as we don't like to do so. It's like a different world over there as far as pharmaceuticals, particularly Controlled ones, are concerned.
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    There is no easy answer to your question Laura. Lot of the Indian resources are not legit and there is the danger of getting bunk meds when ordering from Asia. Most agree that you can search Mexican sources or else called SY sources if you are trying to get heavy duty PKs.
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