How long does 2mg of suboxone last & block opiates

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  1. doris29

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    I have been taking low doses of suboxone for the last 2 weeks. It is usually 2mg or even less. Yesterday night, I had to take vicodin for a sudden sharp pain and it was 12-13 hours after I took my last 1mg of suboxone. But it did not work. So, I want to know for how long is its ability to block? Is it naloxone or buprenorphine that helps in blocking? If someone has any answers, please do clarify my doubts. Thank you.
  2. gijoeswife

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    I don’t know for how long the blocking effects last but what I do is that its naloxone that is responsible for blocking. It works against the opiates. I hope this answer helps!
  3. lilbee

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    I have been on suboxone and so I do know that the medicine has long lasting effects. It takes more than a week for your body to remove it completely from your system. Also, it is true that if you take any other pill along with it, it is bound not to work at all. Naloxone is the one that blocks; you can try subutex instead as it won’t block the effects of the other medicines you take.
  4. lonelyman

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    I don’t think it takes more than 96 hours for suboxone to get thrown out of your system completely. A week or two is a very long time for a medicine to stay in the system. Once I experienced a falling off and I couldn’t experience a thing for almost 4 good days. But after those 4 days, everything went back to normal. I asked other people about it and some said they experienced the same for 2 days. I think it varies from person to person. Once advice I would like to share is that it is not a good idea to take suboxone within 24 hours of taking hydro like pills. Trust me!
  5. doris29

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    I am experimenting with Suboxone as well as naloxone. It took me 72 hours to feel 2-3 7.5’s at a time and even now I can barely feel them. I took it for 3 days and then now back on suboxone and I have to get adjusted to it again. And yes, naloxone is capable of blocking all the opiates even when taken in small dosages as 1mg/day.
  6. ten

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    Bupenorphine has a higher binding affinity; it binds to the receptors making the site unavailable for other opiates to bind. So, it is responsible for blocking. Subutex also blocks in the same manner but it does not contain naloxone.
  7. ten

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    I forgot to mention this – I initially started off on suboxone, but it gave me severe and horrible headaches because of which I had to switch to subutex. It is not a good idea to take other opiates while you are taking subutex because it blocks!! It is a very complicated drug and if we are planning to take it then it is our responsibility to be aware and educated about it. The more we discuss with ourselves and our doctor, the better for us.
  8. peemaker

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    Naloxone is added to suboxone to stop iv use. I don’t think it has any effect on the receptors or the binding sites. It is suboxone that binds to the receptor sites and blocks the effect of opiates. I also do know that its half life is 36 hours, so you should feel its effects only after 3 days and it gradually increases after that depending on the amount of suboxone you take. You experience precipitated withdrawal when you take sub after taking opiates. So when you initially start off with suboxone, you must already be in moderate withdrawals, if not you will directly go into precipitated withdrawals since the receptors are already being used by the opiates. It is important that the receptor sites have to be open to receive the suboxone; else it will cause you a lot of pain. I hope what I have written down is useful to you guys!
  9. supremeshit

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    I just want you guys to know that buprenorphine is the blocker with an average half life of 37 hours. But it also depends a great deal on your metabolism, if you have a faster one; its half life is about 19-20 hours. In my case, I have felt the effect of other opioids within a day of taking suboxone. Naloxone has only a half life of 6 hours, so I don’t think it shows any blocking effects post that period of time.
  10. kitten7

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    I have consumed suboxone and hydro pills within a span of 24 hours and I did not face any problems with it. I have intense pain problems because of which I have to take hydro within the suggested time frame. I did not have any issues and it was the same even after 3 days of taking it.