How long does blue balls last?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by Fergie Fulton, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Fergie Fulton

    Fergie Fulton New Member

    I’ve been feeling a little discomfort in my testicles for the last two days and through the information that I gathered through the internet, I think I have blue balls.

    I just broke up with my girlfriend so I haven’t had sex in a while. And I also haven’t been masturbating lately because I don’t feel like it.

    Two days ago, I felt this pain in my testicles. I browsed the internet and found out about blue balls. I tried masturbating to ease the pain and I also tried putting ice pack on my balls. But I still feel a slight pain. Can anyone tell me how long does blue balls last? Should I masturbate some more? I felt good for a while but afterwards I felt some pain in my testicles again. It’s been two days and it’s really bothering me. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. hendrix

    hendrix New Member

    If that is indeed blue balls that you are experiencing then the simplest remedy for it is ejaculation. So yeah, masturbating and then ejaculating will relieve you of the discomfort that you are feeling in your testicles. But you’re still feeling discomfort, right? So that might be something else and not blue balls. I think you need to go to a physician to see what’s wrong with them.
  3. MikeWest

    MikeWest New Member

    Sorry to hear about your break up buddy. Anyway, blue balls happens when we are turned on and we don’t release it right away. There’s a build-up of pressure and our testicles are so sensitive so they hurt like hell when we don’t ejaculate. Should go away within a few minutes of ejaculation.
  4. Howard

    Howard New Member

    You mean they look like this :p

    Just go shag . You should be good almost immediately.
  5. amok

    amok New Member

    I’ve never experienced blue balls but according to a friend of mine who has experienced this, you just need to orgasm for the pain to go away. Perhaps you just need to get laid man.
  6. yellow-belly

    yellow-belly New Member

    Men experience blue balls after a prolonged arousal with no relief. Meaning that you’ve been turned on for a while and haven’t ejaculated, your penis is erect for a long time and your balls swells so you feel pain over there.
  7. batman

    batman Member

    hmmm... If you need to put an ice pack on it :confused:, then that my friend is not blue balls. The pain that you felt should be gone after you’ve masturbated. The pain in your sac could mean something else. It could be hernia, or even testicular trauma. Go see your doctor.
  8. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    Blue balls should subside soon after you masturbate and sometimes even with a change of focus from sexual thoughts. If you had the proverbial "Lover's Nuts" issue, it should have gone away when you masturbated, unless your masturbation was "unsuccessful" and you did not orgasm :p

    If you still have discomfort and pain after having orgasms couple of times, then I wonder if you have hydrocele, which can happen when you have fluid buildup in the balls.
  9. gregory

    gregory New Member

    Agree with HouseHouse . And not meaning to alarm the OP, but another possible explanation is Inguinal hernia, which is a peculiar condition where part of the intestines push into scrotum or groin via an abnormal opening or a weak spot in the abdominal wall. I would suggest you visit a doctor. Blue balls don't last even an hour after masturbating.
  10. BigRed

    BigRed New Member

    Well, that doesn’t sound like blue balls. The pain should have left after you ejaculated. If the pain still persists, I suggest you go see a doctor.
  11. ErectileReptile

    ErectileReptile New Member

    Well, The goods news is that people who have a good libido and who are easily aroused are the ones that experience blue balls, also known as Epididymal Hypertension. When aroused, it is not just the penis that engorges with blood, blood also fills in the testicles and prolonged engorgement without release can cause them to ache. Masturbate once and/or get a cold shower - that should fix the problem for most.