how long does it take for biotin 5000 to work for hair growth?

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  1. Carol

    Carol New Member

    how long does biotin take to see results? Does it work as fast as in 1 or 2 weeks normally? I had long luscious tresses before I started on many medications, which eventually led to major hair fall and thinning of hair. I have stopped all my medications now and have started on a 60 day dose of biotin. It has been 2 weeks now but I do not see much of an improvement. Those of you, who have taken biotin, can you please tell me how long the medicine will take to show results. I am on a 5mg dose and I hope there will be some improvement after 60 days. My hair has thinned a lot and I miss my thick locks. Does anyone know how much time it will take for biotin to show results and fetch me my thick hair back? I feel very upset and depressed because of hair thinning. Please reply!! I will feel better.
  2. Donna

    Donna New Member

    I also feel very obsessed about my hair and feel very bad when I see other’s hair. I too had very thick hair and hair thinning makes me feel very bad. I have been prescribed biotin forte 3 mg along with iron supplements as I suffer from low iron deficiency. I think even that is contributing to my hair thinning. But I don’t think I have seen any improvement when it comes to my hair growth. I feel my hair loss is greater than what is being replaced. I hope it improves.
  3. kezza

    kezza New Member

    I was given biotin by my dermatologist for my brittle nails and I could see the results instantly. My nails were stronger. I did not notice too much on my hair. But when I went to the salon for a trim after a month of taking the tablets, the stylist felt the quality and quantity of my hair had improved considerably. So, I am happy:) And do not worry; your hair will improve as well.
  4. sarah

    sarah New Member

    I think biotin forte which was prescribed to me consists of biotin plus other vitamins essential for hair.
    The bottle says it has:

    Vit C-333%
    Vit B6-1250%
    Folic Acid-200%
    Vit B12- 167%

    I think it is better than the usual biotin available in the market. I had a tough time finding it in my usual pharmacy and had to go back the hospital pharmacy from where I bought it initially.
  5. Carol

    Carol New Member

    I see!! This tablet seems to be wholesome!!! But I am taking B complex, zinc and multivitamin tablets and I think it would make up for all that you have listed down. Since I am already taking separate tablets, wouldn’t the usual biotin be enough?
  6. sarah

    sarah New Member

    Yes, I do think what you are taking now should do the trick. If you see no signs of improvement at all even after a month, I suggest you go back to your dermatologist and ask him to suggest a new mode of treatment. Good luck!!!
  7. Pammy

    Pammy New Member

    What is amount of biotin our body requires in a day? I recently purchased multivitamin tablets for hair, skin and nails. I read it contents and it says it contains 3000mcg biotin and the serving size amounts to 3 tablets. I think it is hard to find a tablet that contains high biotin.
  8. Carol

    Carol New Member

    I was told by my doctor that I need to take at least 5mg biotin to get desirable results. The brand that I take is Country life and they come as capsules. I was asked to take just one tablet a day by my dermatologist. I think you should give it a try.
  9. Carol

    Carol New Member

    I think it is finally showing results!!! I had been to the hairdresser yesterday and when she told me that my hair has grown longer, I felt elated!! She even complimented saying that was hair has become voluminous and shinier than before. I feel so excited and I think I will keep taking the tablets unless my dermatologist says otherwise.
  10. manny

    manny New Member

    Last summer, I started having very bad hair fall; so much that I feared giving my hair a wash. I have even cried once seeing too much hair in the drain while taking a shower. I did not consult a dermatologist but I started taking 5000mg Biotin and I saw good results within a month. My hair stopped falling out and my lost hair was soon replenished. My hair was soon thicker and longer. I bought the capsules from Wal-Mart, just in case you wanted to know. My hair looks so much healthier now. I am soooo soo happyyy. Hope it works out well for you as well.
  11. pacman

    pacman New Member

    As far as I know once damage is done to your hair, it cannot be undone. Biotin is an essential vitamin for your hair. But you will get better results if accompanied with other B-group vitamins. Biotin can create new hair growth but it cannot undo the damage already done to your existing hair. So it is better if you supplement it with other multivitamins after consulting a dermatologist
  12. Mag

    Mag New Member

    Does anyone know if these facts are FDA approved? I bought multivitamin tablets for improving the quality of my hair, but I don’t think the statements given on the bottle are proven to work.