how long does Levitra 20mg last?

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  1. Cells

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    I am about to try a sample pack. I am diabetic too and looking at Levitra(generic). Is it comparable to viagra in its duration of effects, how long did Levitra keep working for you? Was it generic or the one from Bayer?
  2. House

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    Below is a graph that depicts level of Levitra's active ingredient (vardenafil) in the human body over time. Dosage was 20mg.

    Max effects are felt when the concentration is highest and the max concentration is seen to occur 30min to 2 hours after ingestion. Until 4 hours there is considerable concentration of vardenafil circulating within the blood stream and hence this is the time period for which Levitra is effective.
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    Holy shit, HouseHouse you are Einstein :p
    Interesting to see that some levels of Levitra stay in the system even after 10 hours.
  4. Rad

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    Yes, but that doesn't mean the helpful effects of Levitra will last 10 hours. Most people will not feel its effects after 4-5 hours. Below 5ug/L, it isn't potent enough I guess.
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  5. Cells

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    Ok. Finally got the chance to try Levitra 20mg. It helped but I am not sure it was as great as I thought it would be. Maybe I was hoping for a lott...
  6. House

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    CellsCells - How potent Levitra is depends quite a bit on what your food intake is before you took the pill. Two food-effect studies that I came across revealed that high-fat meals caused a definite reduction of vardenafil plasma levels by 18%-50%. Try and have low fat meals before ingesting Levitra.
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  7. Cells

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    Thanks HouseHouse . I had one sandwich for supper and tried levitra yesterday night and what a BIG difference. It was rocket! haha. awesome man. Thank you :D
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    Good to know CellsCells . You can also try generic ones if you want to save on cost. But mind you, for some reason there are a lot of fake generic levitra going around.