how long does nexium take to work

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  1. shirley

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    My doctor has put me on nexium since 2 days and I took my second pill yesterday night. I still feel a warm weird sensation on my chest. I want to feel better ASAP and I want to know how long it takes for nexium to start showing its effects. Is it going to take a long time or is it not showing any effects at all? Someone who has been on nexium, please do let me know.
  2. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    I am taking nexium for acid reflux the past one week. I asked my doctor regarding its effects and she told me that it would take at least 2 weeks and maximum of 30 days to show its full effect. So, you please be patient and wait for the medicine to do wonders for you. I hope you start feeling better very soon!
  3. dana

    dana New Member

    My doctor had mentioned 2 weeks’ time too to let the medicine show its desired effect, but in my case, it started working in full swing within the first few days of taking it. Don’t worry; it works differently for different people. You will soon feel better.
  4. jasel

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    It has been 2 years since I last took nexium, so I do not remember very clearly. I think it took more than a week to show its effects in my case. So, hang in there and wait for it to show its results. Do not stop taking it thinking it is not working. Slow and steady, but it works!
  5. bmc

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    Recently, I switched from aciphex to nexium. I did not feel any change at all in the beginning and was thinking of switching back again. When I asked my GP, he said that is how it works. So, I continued taking it and on the 8th day, I started feeling that the medicine is finally working for me. So, it does take some time. Be patient and wait for it to work for you. Good Luck!!
  6. Excubitor

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    In my case, it took a little longer to work, around 18-20 days. So do not lose hope and wait, wait, wait!! You will feel better soon. All the very best! Get well soon!
  7. mcg

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    Here's my story. I have been on 40mg pill twice a day for past 15 days and trying my best to eat boring bland and plain food, take my antacid and all that. But there is no relief and its driving me mad. Don't think Nexium works for all.
  8. Terence Blacker

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    Nexium is prescribed for treating stomach ulcers and gastroesophageal disease. The effect of this medicine can be observed within one to two hours post oral administration.