How many times can a man ejaculate?

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  1. Axe

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    I’m dating this incredible woman. She only had one partner before me and that was her high school boyfriend who then became her husband. I won’t elaborate anymore on how they parted ways but rest assured it wasn’t because of me.
    Anyway, before my girlfriend and I started dating, we became close friends first. I became her confidante of sorts so she was able to tell me private things about her and her ex. I remember her telling me before that when she and her ex had sex for the first time, he came 7 times. I really can’t believe it. But there’s no reason for her to lie to me.

    And now that we are dating, I don’t think that I can top that, let alone come close to that number. Has anyone here came that many times, or even more? I’m 34 years old and I can only come 2-3 times in one session. I know I may sound competitive, but I just want to give her more pleasure.
  2. Devil

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    7 times? I think that can already be an entry to the Guinness Book of World. Anyway, if you want to give your girlfriend more pleasure, there are other ways to do it than just ejaculating 7 times.
    You can start by giving her an awesome foreplay. Go down on her until she’s screaming and begging and she’s gripping the sheets for dear life. Find her g-spot. I could go on and on but I guess you know what I’m getting at, right? The best of luck to you my friend.
  3. NinjaMan

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    I can ejaculate 2 times. When I was in my teens maybe thrice.
    Unless you want to engage in a sex marathon, I do not think that you need to go as far as 7.
  4. BigCat

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    Did she tell you that you need to beat her ex-husband’s record? I think you’re just over thinking. Just be yourself and enjoy each other in bed.
  5. Shrek

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    Hey pal, you should consider their age when that happened. They were probably very young when they first had sex. Probably in their teens. You’re in your 30’s. Don’t push yourself too much.
    Unless she wants you to beat or even equal that record, which I think(hope) she doesn’t, there’s no reason for you to agonize over this. Her ex is her ex for a reason. She’s with you now. And quality bests quantity. After letting my load go, all desire leaves my body and I am usually not in the mood for another. I guess I am just 'pop once' man :confused:
  6. Best

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    I’ll be truthful, you can’t possibly break her ex-husband’s record. Neither can lot of the men here. Unless you use some sort of medication to help you last longer and have erections. Age is a factor here. Younger men can ejaculate more than older men. Your girlfriend’s ex may have been able to ejaculate 7 times because he was in his prime. He was young and virile. I don’t think now that he’s older that he can repeat that feat.
  7. Howard

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    I would feel that way If my girlfriend compared me to her ex. But it would seem that with you, that’s not the case. When she told you those things about her ex, you were not in a relationship yet. So I think that there’s no need for you be competitive. She wasn’t comparing you to him at all I think. And if this is really bothering you, I think that you should go and talk to your girlfriend about this. Your relationship will be much better if you’d be honest with one another.
  8. House

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    Medication or not, young or old - ejaculating 7 times is imo physically impossible for most men. By the 4th time there would be nothing left in the ball-sack to push out. Orgasm without ejaculation, maybe.. actually even that I am not sure is possible .

    I think she is lying... just talk.
  9. Miller100

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    I don't think men can cum more than 3 times back to back. I got to 3 when I was young, but even that 3rd time the base of my penis started to ache with just a trickle of colorless fluid oozing out.
    I agree. She just wants him to give her some glorious thumping, so she is just trying to get you all perked up. But this seems to be leading you into performance anxiety.
  10. Doppie

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    I was curious to know if anybody else was like me I guess it's rare but here's my stor I I wanted to reply to this because older men can do it too don't know if they could learn but for me it started around 30 years old I am now 47 I can still ejaculate twice in a row sometimes three but harder for the third one it all started one day when my wife was away and we were having cell phone sex I was having a hard time coming while talking to her on the telephone so we just stopped for the night the next day when I started playing with myself without her looking at porn of course LOL I just kept playing nice and slow apparently right after ejaculating I was still hard and just kept rubbing it and it did it again and again when I finally told her that this happened she wanted to see So eventually we did it together and it worked I've only been able to ejaculate twice having intercourse never third but this does mean men can do it the only problem is then never take the time to learn it fell upon me by accident but I know with practice others can do it too I guess you just have to be patient
  11. Michael_Michaels

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    Everyone is different and it would not surprise me if there was a male somewhere who can cum 7 times over many hours. Certainly it is not normal. It also would depend over what period of time. I've cum 5 times in a day, but that is with a minimum of a half hour between any two and the more times the longer rest period. So if dedicated to sexual activity and with the right stimulation I could see it happen over maybe a 14 hour period with some longer breaks after the 2nd.
  12. BostonDude

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    I’m 23 and I waited until 21 to lose my virginity to my now ex, we were dating since 16. We’re still good friends but with schools on opposite sides of the country, being in a relationship isn’t fair. Besides I don’t want to marry someone who never had sexual experience with another partner(s) because I’d be afraid of the “I wonder what sex is like with someone else” goes both ways, I don’t think it’d be fair for me to marry her and never experienced it elsewhere. I’d never want to set myself up to cheat and I’m just being very honest when I say all this. It may come off like I’m being a jerk or sex crazed guy but I’d always wonder and then I’d wonder if she wondered. Bad set up and unfair.
    Anyways, now that I’ve totally went off topic...back to this topic...before sex when I’d handle myself or we did oral, I was sensitive after I came but not nearly
    as the first few times during actual sex. I was overwhelmingly sensitive that I’d have to wait a few seconds before pulling out, if not it was like jolts through me. As far as how many different times a day, shoot give me 5 min and I’d be ready lol. I started “hanging” out with a “good friend” who is very experienced and likes to role when shes the dominant one, her favorite thing to do is edge/tease me. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but now I don’t have the jolts after my first cum, in fact it’s weird but I don’t feel “satisfied” or “well drained” (I guess would be good words to describe it) unless I ejaculate twice while having sex.