how much does back surgery cost - with/without insurance?

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  1. Elianna

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    I think I would write a post regarding how much my lumbar fusion surgery costed me, in case anyone wants to have a rough estimate of the cost. But I think this can vary from location to location and also on the exact type of surgery one requires.

    I had my insurance which paid the U&C cost which was $6000 to the surgeon instead of $30K billed and $24k to the hospital for a night instead of $60k billed.
  2. ratChaser

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    My surgery bill came up to $95,000 and also a 3 day stay in the hospital. Out of that, the insurance paid around $61K. The surgery was really expensive. My doctor put up a bill of $19,400 to the insurance and got $6000 paid and the anesthesiologist charged $5000, but was only give $2K.
  3. Pokie

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    I stayed for a total of 21 days and the amount I had to pay to the hospital came up to 115000. The insurance paid everything except for 250. I began with 2 doctors but ended up with 6. All of them were paid 2500 each.
  4. courtney753

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    The total amount for my surgery came up to $160000. The break up is as follows:

    Titanium Implants - $130000

    Surgeon’s fee - $20,000

    Hospital Stay - $10,000
  5. ella

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    courtney753courtney753 I can see that you underwent a surgery involving titanium. I have one coming up in a few months. I am only 23 and I want to know if titanium implants are the thing that actually works. I don’t want to be in a sort of pain that I am right now and I do not want to go through a surgery unnecessarily. What is your opinion about the entire thing? And please do tell me about the restrictions that you have to follow?
    An estimated cost of my surgery alone is 70-90k.
  6. Miss

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    My mother had to undergo two surgeries – the first one in the back to place screws and rods and the second to put dowels of bone graft for fusion. The total bill came up to $ 160000 and she was hospitalized for an entire week.
  7. zayden

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    I recently underwent an L2 L3 L4 L5 laminectomy revision and fusion with bone graft. I was hospitalized for 7 days and the total bill for the stay came up to $124000. I was scheduled to be discharged after 3 days but I got an infection and I have to be here for 4 more days. The cost of the surgery was approximately $25000 out of which my insurance paid the doctor $9000. Extras were paid to the anesthesiologists too. Now more pounds are going to be spent because of this infection Phew!!
  8. jaders

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    This is a very expensive surgery I must say! I had my plif of L5/S1 done a year back. The surgery lasted for 6 hours and it had 4 screws and 2 rods inserted into me. I had to stay for 2 days and the hospital charged me $63000. The surgeon’s cost was $35000, the hardware around $54,000 and things like scans and MRIs costed around $15000. The costs are continuing to rise as I will start my physio and along with it will come more charges for x-rays. The bills are being continuously sent to my insurance company. I hope they won’t disown me by the end of this year. Lol!