How to break your hymen yourself without pain

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  1. Encinitas8596

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    I just turned 21 and I’m really embarrassed to say this but I’m still a virgin. My boyfriend and I have been going out for over a year now and he understands completely that my family is a bit on the conservative side. And he never pressured me into sex.

    But I feel that I am quite ready for it now. The thing is, I’m a bit apprehensive about it because of the pain involved. I’ve heard from the girls that I’ve talked to that the first time always hurts, that when the penis enters the vagina and the hymen breaks, there’s always blood and pain.

    I feel that I am ready to have sex it’s just that my fear is getting the better of me. So what I want to do is get myself ready for it. And if it is possible I would like to break my own hymen. Is there a way to break one’s own hymen? I know this may sound stupid to some but I really want to save myself from the pain of first-time intercourse. Any insights on this would help me a lot. Thanks!
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    Oh my! I’m sorry but your post just made me cringe a little. I do not think that breaking your own hymen is wise. The only good way for you to break it is if a penis enters your vagina or if you insert a foreign object to it. I’d rather you do it the natural way. Have sex with tour boyfriend. Talk to him about it and tell him all about your fears. I’m sure that he will understand. He’s been patiently waiting for this moment to happen. I think that he will be patient enough with you and not rush things. I’m sure that he will do everything to make you comfortable during sex.
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    It sounds like you’ve been talking to the wrong people and that your mind has been conditioned for you to be afraid of sex. While it is true that there is pain involved, and bleeding as well, that is not always the case. There are instances wherein a virgin can feel little pain or none a t all during the first time that she has sex. It all boils down to how you do it.
  4. Natasha

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    That thought made me wince. Oh dear! Why would you want to do that? Sex is a wonderful thing especially for two people who are in love. I suggest that you just ask your boyfriend for help and not do anything drastic like insert something inside your vagina to break your own hymen.
  5. Rad

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    If you think you have a particularly rigid hymen, you could consult your doctor. There are a lot of things that I can think of for you to be able to break your own hymen but I wouldn’t suggest them to you. Go visit your doctor and ask him for advice. And while you’re there, ask for some birth control as well.
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    Errr…perhaps you can use your fingers. Just be careful and ease into your vagina slowly. And use a lot of lube as well. I hope his helps.
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    I was also 21 the first time that I had sex. I bled a little and there was some discomfort but it’s nothing compared to the awesome feeling that having sex was able to give. I’m telling you that the pain is worth it. And if you and your boyfriend will do it right, chances are you won’t feel any pain at all. Don’t think about breaking your hymen. It’s not necessary. If you are an active person, it may have been gone already. Just have sex with your boyfriend. Do it slow and make sure that you are mentally prepared for it. It will help a lot if you are relaxed and comfortable so that your muscles won’t be tense. Anyway, good luck!
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    Well, the first time that I had sex, I didn’t experience any pain or bleeding at all. My boyfriend back then made sure that I was well-prepared for the act. We used lube and he also did an awesome foreplay with me.
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    Just a guys opinion:

    My ex and I were dating from 16-21, both virgins in the aspect of actual intercourse. We are both Catholic, my parents were both Italians who moved outside of Boston from Sicily before I was born. Her parents were Italian as well so, yeah, you can imagine how into the church we both were.
    Anyways we waited until a couple of years ago, we were both 21. It was nerve wrecking, I can’t explain how she felt but I was worried about everything and looked online lol...I couldn’t exactly talk about it with the guys, my buddies were having sex since high school and we didn’t talk sex apart from the normal guy talk...I wasn’t going to ask them for pointers! Go I googled the crap out of it which made my anxiety a zillion times worse. Would I hurt her, was I going to suck, was she going to hate it, all that stuff goes through your head. When it came to THE night it we were both nervous which was actually a good thing because we could relate to each other and we were like ok, here it is...laid out everything on the table and talked a LOT. As clique as it sounds, talking helped a lot. It was great. I do remember asking her a few times if she was ok and she said yes. When it was done there was blood and I freaked out but she assured me that the pleasure took the pain and discmomfort away. Her mind was so into the actual sex and everything else that hurting wasn’t on the top of her emotional list of worries. I’m a bigger guy (I know I see the eye rolls and the yeahhhh rightttts) down there and didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t hurt her. Talk to your dude before sticking anything up there. Plus the first time should be unforgettable right? You don’t want to always remember popping “your cherry” with something else.
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    BostonDudeBostonDude Such a sensitive post from a sensible guy I am sure. Thank you for answering my question with sincerity :)
    Yes, you are right. I cant have the memory of breaking my own. Thanks again.
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