How to do Reverse Kegel Exercises for men: Discussion

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    There is a lot of confusion and a general sense of misunderstanding on our forum about Reverse Kegels. I hope to clear some of it up with this post. People are mostly aware about Kegels, which is a strengthening exercise. It focuses on strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles.

    On the other hand, Reverse Kegels are a stretching exercise. Its focus is to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Both are equally important to have a balanced pelvic floor.

    Let me delve into the basics of Reverse Kegels first. Just like regular Kegels, there are two aspects to Reverse Kegels – Front and Back Reverse Kegels.

    The Front Reverse Kegels are focussed on the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscles, which is present around the inner part of the penis and is responsible for the involuntary contractions. The Front Reverse Kegels work to stretch and relax the BC muscles in order to regularize the inflow and outflow of blood to the penis.

    These involuntary contractions are an important part of our ejaculation process. But excessive/bad masturbation habits coupled with unusual ways of reaching climax while masturbating creates what we call an unbalanced pelvic floor. This leads to having contractions more frequently than they should occur, which in turn makes a person reach the Point Of No Return (PONR) faster than if they had a balanced pelvic floor.

    Working on the BC muscles helps people with premature ejaculation. The Back Reverse Kegels are so named because they target the back of one’s pelvic floor. The muscles which are worked upon are the pubococcygeus (PC) and the iliococcygeus (IC) muscles.

    Many of the regulars focus mainly on the frontal portion with Front Kegels and their P.E. routines, so the front portion is normally the area which is more unbalanced. Back Reverse Kegels can be performed after one has mastered the isolation and stretching of the Front Reverse Kegels.

    When one is able to perform Back Reverse Kegels expertly, too, they can strengthen their whole pelvic floor. Performing Back Kegels leads to tensing up of the back portion of the pelvic floor. Back Reverse Kegels helps loosen up and stretch that part. Back Reverse Kegels also helps one to work towards achieving Dry Orgasms (DO) and Male Multiple Orgasms (MMO).
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    Thank you for this post. It is very informative. I have always struggled with Reverse Kegels. I am able to perform Front and Back Kegels just fine.
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    VandarusVandarus the confusion is mostly because people think of all the Kegel exercises as strength based. While in reality Reverse Kegels are stretching exercises. It’s easier to perform Kegels and that’s the reason people are good at it in general. Reverse Kegels involves isolation of muscles, which people find hard to do. It takes time to learn how to do it properly.

    If you do a quick google search, you will find many results that say Front Reverse Kegels feels like peeing and Back Reverse Kegels feels like farting or taking a dump. What it means is, the muscles associated with these functions are the ones you should work on isolating. If you actually feel like peeing or taking a dump while performing Reverse Kegels, then you are over-exerting. Relax.

    P.S. – People often forget to breathe or they hold their breath while exercising. Always remember to keep breathing for all the exercises that you do.
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    Thank you for such a detailed descriptive post. I have been guilty of ignoring Reverse Kegels, as I have never been able to understand how to do it. Reading your post has helped me gain a better understanding of what it is and how it helps us. If only, you or any other member can post a detailed guide about how to perform Front and Back Reverse Kegels, I would appreciate it.
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    I am a bit busy now, so a detailed write-up would take some time. But I would like to mention about some tips that will help everyone who is about to try doing Kegels and Reverse Kegels.

    - If you are comfortable with doing the regular Kegels – both front and back, here is a little tip to help you. First do the normal front Kegels and when you finish your set, slowly ease into doing Front Reverse Kegels. This will help you identify the pull and the push of both routines in your target muscle. Same applies for back Kegels and Back Reverse Kegels as well.

    - You can use your diaphragm to push during front Kegels, just don’t tighten your abs. Keep them relaxed.

    - Same goes with Front Reverse Kegels. Use your fingers to determine if your muscles have tensed up. Keep the target muscles relaxed.

    - These can be done either standing up or lying on your back. Try both and find what suits you best. Always keep your back straight in either position.

    I will try to write about how to perform Reverse Kegels as soon as I get some free time.
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    This is an excellent thread. I am following this one. I hope the moderators pin this one for the benefit of everyone.
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    Excellent tips there. I hope you don’t mind if I post a how-to here. I am not trying to hijack your thread.

    As MacAndCheese has already mentioned, Reverse Kegels are a stretching exercise, so make sure your body is not tense.

    Follow all the tips mentioned above. Like it is with all exercises, some people will take some time to master it, while others will be able to do it soon. Don’t give up or lose your focus. Keep doing them regularly to get a hang of it and soon you will be able to do it without any trouble.

    Always try and focus on the muscles being worked on, which will help you feel slight movements in the target area. Keep in mind, these are best done flaccid or with slight erections, if you are fully erect, stop doing these.

    Let’s begin with Front Reverse Kegels:
    1. Get in your preferred position (standing/lying on your back) and relax your body and mind. Keeping your body relaxed helps with proper blood flow during the routine. This is a common for both the exercises.
    2. Focus on the base of your penis. Try to push that muscle outwards while keeping the rest of your pelvic area relaxed. It’s a similar feeling like when you are peeing with a full bladder.
    3. You should try and hold it till 3 or 5 seconds. It’s going to be tough in the beginning. But you can slowly build up till 10 seconds in future.
    4. You should try to keep doing repetitions for around 5 minutes and try and build up till 10 minutes in the future.
    Now onto the Back Reverse Kegels:
    1. Find a suitable position and relax yourself.
    2. Focus on your perineum, the area between your anus and the scrotum. Try to push it down and back. It’s a bit difficult than the Front Reverse Kegels. Imagining a string attached to the area, which is being pulled down and back, helps. Don’t strain yourself.
    3. Try and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds with ultimate goal being 10 seconds.
    4. Repeat it for 5 minutes, with ultimate goal being to do it for 10 minutes.
    5. 10 minutes is a good goal for beginners. You can increase your time when you become proficient in it.
  8. Miller100

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    Thank you for doing this. It has helped save me some time. There are some advanced levels for these exercises as well. You can do it after you are comfortable with the two above. As mentioned earlier, these are best done flaccid or with slight erections.

    First is the combination of Front Kegels and Front Reverse Kegels:
    - Find a suitable position and relax.
    - Do Front Kegels (slow and relaxed) followed by Front Reverse Kegels (slow and relaxed). Do not exert yourself. Count this as one rep.
    - Alternately do repetitions for a minute and rest for the next minute.
    - Repeat it for 10 minutes.

    Next is a combination of Back Kegels and Back Reverse Kegels:
    - Find a suitable position and relax.
    - Do Back Kegels (slow and relaxed) followed by Back Reverse Kegels (slow and relaxed). Do not exert yourself. Count this as one rep.
    - Alternately do repetitions for a minute and rest for the next minute.
    - Repeat it for 10 minutes.

    Next is a combination of Front Reverse Kegels and Back Reverse Kegels:
    - Find a suitable position and relax.
    - Do Front Reverse Kegels (slow and relaxed) and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly return to your relaxed state.
    - Rest for 10 seconds
    - Do Back Reverse Kegels (slow and relaxed) and hold for 10 seconds. Slowly return to your relaxed state.
    - Rest for 10 seconds. Count this as 1 repetition.
    - Repeat it for 10 minutes.
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    Thank you so much guys. I will give it a try as soon as possible. I really appreciate you guys taking the time and explaining this to all of us.
  10. Best

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    I have another method to perform Back Reverse Kegels, which I think would be helpful for beginners. Spreading out your legs while standing helps achieve a natural hang in the perineum area. Imagining a weight being attached to the area also helps.

    I am not saying the other methods are wrong, I am just suggesting an alternate way to do it. I have been doing Reverse Kegels for a while now and lately I have been able to do them everywhere. Even while walking.
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    How are you able to do it while walking, dude? Whenever I do Reverse Kegels I have to stand near the toilet. I always feel like I will pee a little. How do you manage to do it while performing day to day tasks? Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Miller100

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    Interesting method there. I will have to try it :)
    You may be over-exerting. Keep practicing the exercises. At first you will always feel like peeing. Be relaxed and don’t push too hard. Keep the push slow and relaxed while doing both Front and Back Reverse Kegels.
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    If I get better at Reverse Kegels, it will help me push away from the PONR during sex, am I getting it right?
    I even feel like I have to take a dump during my Reverse Kegels routine. Am I doing things correctly or am I over-exerting? Also, how does one know if they have an unbalanced pelvic floor?
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    WTF is PONR!?
  15. BigDaddy

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    Point of No Return :p
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    It works differently for everyone. For some people Reverse Kegels helps them last longer during sex. For some others, it makes them reach PONR faster. While for me, I don’t think about Reverse Kegels at all during the act. When I feel like I am reaching my PONR, I slow it down and do a few Reverse Kegels to buy me some time. It’s a hit or miss though. I have to time it perfectly to work that way. If I am too close to my PONR, Reverse Kegels don’t work and trigger my ejaculation instead.
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    As far as the feeling of having to take a dump, that is completely natural. There have been times when I had to stop my routine to go and empty my bowels.

    Unbalanced pelvic floor is not that easy for most people to identify.
    • If Kegels are stronger than Reverse Kegels, it can lead to involuntary contractions which results in premature ejaculation.
    • If Reverse Kegels are stronger than Kegels, it results in lower Erection Quality (EQ), with weak involuntary contractions.