How to get pain pills - Difficulty filling narco prescriptions

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  1. Pat

    Pat New Member

    Hey guys, I am from Florida and I am having a lot of trouble filling prescriptions for my terrible terrible pain due to bone spurs on my spinal cord. The situation has been getting worse since 2014 especially and now its almost impossible to get my oxycontin. What do I do? Should I risk it and buy it online?

    Interested in experiences of people. What's your story?
  2. Helen

    Helen New Member

    Ya, it's difficult these days. Target is out of stock 2 months in a row. Trying to keep calm. But I am freaking out. I'm already down to my last pills. It's so painful and I am emotionally and physically traumatized.
  3. Lioness

    Lioness New Member

    I go to CVS in Maryland and they informed me last week that I will have to produce a letter of medical necessity for my Dilaudid. I am hoping it is only because they can have it in stock each month.
  4. Kenny

    Kenny New Member

    Street busts of illegal drugs is dropping and that is causing loss of revenue... LE guys then realized that lot of the junkies were now obtaining them from pain clinics and doctors, so now they make it difficult to get pain meds - street busts are now open again. Everything is about money!

    I have been on norcos for many years for this dreadful degenerative disc disease and getting my scripts filled is getting to be difficult. I have never abused the medicines, but now getting worried about getting enough meds.
  5. DumDee

    DumDee New Member

    I am having issues filling vicodin scripts lately. By mid-month, the pharmacies run out of meds. If I end up having a flareup and need additional meds for the month, I am basically screwed as I am not permitted to refill more than 3 days in advance. Receiving these pain medicines has become a frustrating and humiliating experience.
  6. Mecha

    Mecha New Member

    I am not a vindictive person, but god, I wish these Law makers could experience and suffer the pain I have endured for the past 9 years. Heartless pricks don't know what it is to be in constant pain and agony. The attitude and actions of the DEA is so bad, no empathy.

    When my pharmacy suddenly stopped filling my meds, finding an alternative was a harrowing experience. According to my doc, some of his patients had to hurriedly wean of their meds and became non-functional.

    Some pharmacies told me they were not accepting new patients, yet another pharmacy wanted to investigate my doctor and me. By gods grace, I found an independent pharmacy that I could use, but even they often run out of my meds due to DEA rubbish of limits and quotas.
  7. Lorne

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    I am from MI and I had a motorcycle accident last year due to which I have 2 herniated disc L4 and L5. I have pain in my legs and buttocks, and I mean severe pain, sometimes it is so bad I cant sit with a straight face. I take 10/325 percocet 4 times a day. The pain management doctor says I have to take a drug test every damn month to get my pain meds and insurance is charging me $450/month. Is this the norm, taking drug test every month to get pain meds? I dont abuse drugs.

    Doctor says surgery could alleviate the pain, but I can't get surgery for another 3 months atleast. I am not at all productive at work due to the pain and could even get fired, but my lawyer says that it usually takes atleast a year and you get declined constantly.
  8. Luscious

    Luscious New Member

    Maybe you need to change your doctor. But yes, doctors can ask for pill count and drug test as standard procedure. And you can get turned down for disability and it could take time, but not always.

    I live in FL, my doc only random tests me every 6-8 months and has no pill counts.
  9. Wilding

    Wilding New Member

    Yes, it sucks, I am from OK and I need to get a new prescription every month to get refills as the stupid state law does not allow MS Contin refills. The authorities are creating serious hardships for people trying to hold-on to jobs while battling severe pain.
  10. BigGun

    BigGun New Member

    Here is my story. I have acute arthritis in my left hip, spinal stenosis and bone spurs. I have been filling my Percocet and MS Contin, from Walgreens for over 10 years, without hassles, and all from the same doc. But all changed in Feb 2015 when they wanted to do a review every time I went for a refill. They would often call my doc asking for my full medical records.

    Anyway, I have moved on from Walgreens and now have no problems filling medicines from local Albertsons. They give me that suspicious look, but other than that I have faced no trouble.
  11. Shey

    Shey New Member

    I'm in fl to and have severe fibromyalgia. Orlando area. And dr suggestions.