how to get rid of scabies on furniture

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    What all do you have to do if you have scabies and you want it removed from you ASAP? The first and foremost thing you have to do is to cure the environment around you, which includes your house, car, office and all other things that you daily interact with. A simple and normal cleaning is not enough. You need to wipe out scabies entirely from all that surrounds you.

    Recently I used a product by the name “Raid Fumigator”, which was very helpful in killing scabies. In a box, you get three of them and you can use as per your need. I used one for my room, the other one for my car and the third one for my office cubicle. The pack even contains directions for use. You can follow that and then open the windows and doors to let fresh air in.

    For shoes, you can use Lysol disinfecting spray. You can spray it into your shoes and it will kill scabies to a certain extent. But I am sure that it will help prevent scabies re-infestation.

    For your clothes, you can use borax mixed with hot water. I usually use 1 cup of borax with a little hot water. Borax application is known to kill scabies and I am sure this will help. One more thing that can be done is to wash your bed sheets every day in borax. And dry it out in the sunlight. Please remember that sunlight and dryness are highly capable of killing scabies.

    When it comes to food, it is advisable that you stay away from sugars for a while. You can cook up reasons saying that your blood glucose level is high and you need to control. Lol!!

    When it comes to your bedding, it is a good idea to vinylize everything, from getting vinyl pillow covers to bed sheets. Also, keep washing your bed sheets in hot water every day and do not forget to clean your mattress with alcohol. These are important steps so that you do not get re-infested.

    I have been infected with scabies myself and I have followed all the above mentioned tips to get rid of it. Such a pain in the ass it is!!! But I was successful in getting it removed until a week back when I met my niece. I think she had scabies and I got it back when I came in contact with her. So, now I am on permetherin. But it works only if your environment is free of scabies. I also use eucalyptus oil with neem to stop the itch. Then there is this Gold Bond extra strength lotion that I use to keep scabies at bay. It contains menthol which the scabies hate and it makes them run for their lives!!!
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    I cant take this:eek:
    I read through your article yesterday and bombed my apartment with Raid fumigator. One of my friends said it wouldn’t help, but since it was helpful in your case, I thought of giving it a try. I have even shopped for borax and Lysol and will give it a try soon. I hope it works.
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    Guys I seriously need help! Could you please shed more light on the mode of treatments you have used to disinfect your surroundings? My 2 year old son has been diagnosed with scabies and I feel very helpless. I am going to the market straight away to get the chemicals you have mentioned. But will it cause my little one any harm? I can’t see my baby like this and it is draining me mentally as well as emotionally. Please help.
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    I am not in favor of using such harmful chemicals to get rid of scabies. A natural product that I have been using and has helped me to get rid of scabies is Lice B Gone. It can be sprayed anywhere you like, from your furniture to your pets. Also, I got rid of all my upholstered furniture and replaced them with patio furniture which can be cleaned well with borax and hot water. If your furniture is old, think about replacing it.
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    Ohh yes!! Even I have heard that Lice B Gone helps and I am grabbing it right away. I can’t deal with this scabies anymore and have to get rid of it ASAP!
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    VandarusVandarus I think before throwing out all your furniture, you should try out a product named Zodiac spray. It is widely available in many pet stores. Zodiac spray contains an aerosol which is meant for fabrics, rugs and couches. I personally feel it is a better alternative than fogging and spraying chemicals into your surrounding air. I have used this and found it to be very effective.
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    There is another product called Arcosan, which is available in both powder and spray form. It contains benzyl benzoate which is known to be high effective in killing mites and last for 4 weeks. If you have pets, then you can use de-flea pet and area spray. It is natural, can be sprayed on your pets directly and it kills mites in 10-15 seconds after coming in contact with them. The best part is it is non-toxic, so you needn’t worry about your pet and kids. Also, there are products like steri fab which is good for your shoes, beds and handbags.
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    Good to know that there are products to even disinfect your handbags. I wanted to know more about this steri-fab. Is it a spray or a powder? Do you even use it to clean your wallets? Can you please give out some more info on this product?