How to increase semen volume - An Experiment

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  1. berkley

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    It has been around 3 months since I have been looking for a solution to increase my load. I did my research and have come to a conclusion that though there is enough literature out there, it’s all theoretical.

    There is no corroborated evidence related to them actually working. For the last month I have been masturbating daily and keeping a record of my load. This has helped me form a baseline for the experiment I am about to conduct.

    I have compiled my own list of supplements from my research and want to put the claims of many of the “success stories” to test. I would like to add, please do your own research and consult a doctor before taking any supplements. I am a healthy 26 year old and have got this list approved by my doctor according to my body requirement.

    With this experiment I want to check whether supplements actually help in increasing the ejaculate volume, which is typically in the 2-5 ml range. I hope that the data I gather helps my fellow members here.

    My bundle of supplements, taken once daily, include – Lecithin (x1), Tribulus Terrestris (x2), Pygeum (x2), L-Arginine (x1), Horny Goat Weed (x1), Celery seed (x2) and One-a-day Pro Edge (multivitamins).

    I have started taking these from today and will keep updating the post regularly. It is a slow process and it will take some time for improvements to show, so bear with me.
  2. ErectileReptile

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    This looks interesting. I have subscribed to this thread. Good luck with your experiment.
  3. berkley

    berkley New Member

    My baseline was formulated by masturbating twice daily, at fixed time periods. My diet has been consistent, with regular timing for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I consumed a gallon of water everyday over this period and was sufficiently hydrated.
    I have measured ejaculation by using the Edging technique also through normal masturbation. I collected both loads in 10ml glass bottles.
    My average ejaculate volume over the month has been –
    1. Edging – 4.5 ml
    2. Normal – 3.15 ml
  4. House

    House Administrator Staff Member

    Edging was always a good method to have a good EQ. But, I am pleasantly surprised by the considerable volume difference it has provided to your baseline. I am very intrigued by your experiment. Keep going, and good luck.
  5. berkley

    berkley New Member

    It has been 14 days since I started my supplement bundle. There is some improvement in the volume. I thought I should update the post accordingly.
    1. Edging – 4.6 ml
    2. Normal – 3.30 ml
    This is the averaged volume, to be more consistent with the baseline.
    P.S. :- I did some more research and came to the conclusion that Horny Goat Weed has sufficient amounts of Tribulus Terrestris, so I have omitted it from my bundle. There is no need to take it separately.
    Also, Celery seed has a diuretic effect, which is causing a lot of water loss. I had to remove it from the bundle in order to stay sufficiently hydrated.
  6. Litt

    Litt New Member

    You are doing a really good job man. Even I want to increase my load volume. What do you recommend? Should I go ahead with your supplement bundle?
  7. berkley

    berkley New Member

    Make a note of the supplements and take it to your doctor and ask for his/her advise. Only s/he is qualified enough to make that decision. Generally speaking, it’s a safe bundle, but I don’t know if you have any underlying medical conditions.

    Finally its result time. I am a bit underwhelmed by the results. There is not much improvement between the previous update and now. These are the current averaged numbers.
    1. Edging – 4.65 ml
    2. Normal – 3.40 ml
    Supplements have led to a slight increase in volume. But, it is not significant enough to warrant their continuous intake. 0.15 ml for edging and 0.25 ml for normal are just marginal increase in volume.

    I had been at this experiment for 28 days straight, so I thought I should take a gap of 2-3 days and take another reading. I stopped taking the supplements on the 28th day. The load volume by normal masturbation with a rest of around 65 hours was equal to the average volume with supplements – 3.4 ml.

    In conclusion, being hydrated and making use of edging technique along with a 2-3 days rest period is important for getting bigger loads.
  8. FartMan

    FartMan New Member

    You put a lot of hard work in this ;) I am surprised that the supplements didn’t increase the volume by much. I was always fascinated by the claims made by these supplement users. I was hoping for the supplements to work their magic.
  9. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    No wonder it didn’t work for you. You have got the supplements all wrong. I have my own special bundle which works amazingly well for me. I have not conducted any experiments so far, so I cannot give you the volumetric increase. But, I can tell from the area it covers when I give my girl facials, that the volume has definitely increased ;)

    As OP says, hydration is very important. I make it a point to consume more than half a gallon of water every day.

    My daily supplements list includes – Maca powder (1 tsp), Dong quai powder (1/2 tsp), ashwagandha powder (1/2 tsp) and fish oil (omega 3) capsules (x2)
  10. berkley

    berkley New Member

    Vivian007Vivian007 I guess you already were blessed with a good volume to begin with, having a volume of 4.5-5 ml. I would be really interested to see a comparison between your normal ejaculation volume and volume after taking supplements.
    The supplement bundle I made was according to my research. I kept adding and removing supplements based on all the information I read about them on various sites and forums. In fact I later decided to remove celery seed, as it was causing me to lose too much water via urination. I kept on researching even while conducting the experiment.
  11. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    I am not doubting your research. I just feel the supplement bundle could have been better. Even I have been researching this for quite a while. I mostly frequent ejaculations improvement related websites, and modify my bundle according to any new information I gather from there.

    As I mentioned earlier, I had not measured my volume earlier, it would have been around normal, 5 -7 ml. I am sorry, I do not have exact information, but I know over the period of my supplement intake, it has gradually increased.

    I would also like to mention about the Dong quai powder, this is the one supplement that actually made quite a dramatic improvement in my volume. This is the latest addition to my supplement bundle and since I have started taking it my volume has shown considerable increase.

    I initially tried most of the supplements from your bundle as well, they didn’t seem to be working for me. Even edging did not work for me.
  12. turvell

    turvell New Member

    It looks like berkleyberkley bundle doesn’t work and Vivian007Vivian007 does. I was intrigued by dong quai powder, and googled it to get more information. I did not find much information for male sperm production, but a lot for its female health benefits. Are you sure, it is the one helping you get bigger loads? If it is causing your body to produce more sperm, isn’t it going to negatively affect your sperm producing organs in the long run?
  13. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    About Dong quai, I haven’t really thought about that. I will have to research some more. Moreover, I forgot to mention this earlier, the websites I refer to have advised to cycle the intake of dong quai, and not to take them continuously.
  14. berkley

    berkley New Member

    My supplement bundle may not have increased sperm volume by much, but I have thoroughly researched it, and I am confident to suggest people to use them for improving overall penile health. And seriously nothing will double your semen volume unless you were dificient to begin with.

    Not to sound disrespectful, but your bundle and information is all anecdotal. There is not much information to back up your claims. I would take your claims seriously if you could conduct a similar experiment and provide us with enough data.
  15. Vivian007

    Vivian007 New Member

    Apart from the dong quai, I have researched about everything. There is plenty of information about the health benefits of all the other supplements in my bundle. You can google it and see for yourself.
    It worked for me, but I would caution others to do your own research before trying anything. As people have mentioned time and again on this forum, supplements work differently for everyone.