how to masterbate in the shower (for girls)?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by ness, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. ness

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    I can’t possibly ask my parents about this so here I am. LOL. I sometimes masturbate in the shower, well because there is more privacy and I won’t need to be worried about my parents walking in on me. I’m 17 and not yet sexually active. My question is, is there a technique where I can masturbate in the shower that makes it feel real, as if there’s a guy on top of me? Thanks!
  2. girlie

    girlie New Member

    I guess it will all depend on your imagination. I also masturbate in the shower and what I do is I take the shower head off and let the water pressure bear down on my clit. It feels really good. Then I also touch my breasts with my free hand and imagine that it’s a guy touching me.
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  3. kate31

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    I also play with myself in the shower and I usually have my partner: my waterproof vibrator. But when I was younger, I discovered how to pleasure myself without using any sex toys, and that is by stimulating my clitoris through the water coming from the showerhead. I even sometimes use a hose. I connect it to the water faucet, then hold the end of the hose and cover the part where the water Is coming out with my thumb slightly so that the water pressure would be stronger and then stimulate my clit with it. You could try that. It really feels great. Enjoy!
  4. BigCat

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    There are many ways by which you could pleasure yourself in the shower. But since you’re very young and not sexually active yet, using sex toys is absolutely out of the question. Just a friendly reminder, make sure that you are not forcing water inside your vagina when you are masturbating. The water can be pushed inside you, and can reach your uterus, which can in turn cause damage. Take care.
  5. Erica

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    I thought I was the only one. Glad to hear that a lot of girls masturbate in the shower too. What I do is I adjust the pressure of the water from the shower head in one powerful stream. And then I move it up and down in my vagina. I do it in a sitting position because I’m afraid that if I do it lying down, some water may get inside my vagina. Anyway, I hope this helps. Play safe!
  6. lou

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    I'am a big fan of aquatic sex. I love making out in the pool, the tub, and inside the shower. Masturbating in the shower is awesome especially if you have a spray nozzle in there. Just spray it on your clit and wait for that strong orgasm to come :D
  7. Best

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    To make it seem real, you need to a lot of good imagination. It also helps if you’re touching yourself while playing with your clit. Well, good luck and enjoy.
  8. RebecaWilliams

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    love shower pleasure ;)
  9. fon

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    my girlfriend uses my electric vibrating toothbrush toothbrush, she puts a sandwich bag over the body to keep the batteries dry. Be sure and let us know what you find works best for you... Feeling kinda dirty giving a 17 year old masturbation's advice, think I will take a nice hot shower..LOL
  10. Baines

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    Buy a nice gel dildo.