is morphine pills stronger than oxycodone?

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  1. Singer

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    I want to know the difference between oxycodone ER and morphine sulfate ER. I was taking oxycodone ER 80mg tablets, 5 times a day and I had to pay for them. My doctor now wants to prescribe me morphine sulfate 100mg 2 tablets, 3 times in a day. Will it take care of my pain issues like oxycodone did. Please give your valuable inputs. Oxy is so helpful in relieving my pain, but my doctor says its time to make the switch atleast temporarily.
  2. Leonardo

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    My perception is that 400mg of oxy is roughly equivalent in effets to 600mg of morphine sulfate. Morphine in most cases is more sedating than oxy and it is stronger too. So, it is better that you consult your doctor and let him prescribe the required dose for you.
  3. Lorne

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    It is a very well known fact that a lot of people get tolerance to oxycodone and it stops working for them unless they increase their dosage. You have to keep increasing it more and more for it to work properly. But I don’t think it is the same with morphine. You can keep taking the same dosage throughout and there is no need to keep increasing it if you just space the doses apart. And technically the amount of oxy you were taking and the amount of morphine you are now taking should technically give you the same pain relief.
  4. Singer

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    I switched from taking oxycodone 80mg, 5 times a day to morphine sulfate 100mg, 2 tablets, 3 times a day. I feel oxycodone is more powerful as it could sedate me better. I just want to get rid of my pain. And I am also try to wean away slowly from the pain meds. I am on very strong doses as of now and I think it will cause me more harm than good in the long run. Let me see how well morphine works. Thank you for your reply. Have a lovely day!
  5. FireGirl

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    In my opinion if you were taking that much oxycodone a day, then it is better than you start with 500 mg of morphine. Increasing your dosage beyond that would be a very sudden jump. Also, check and see for yourself if morphine works for you as good as oxy because you may be taking an equivalent dosage, but it does not mean it should give you similar pain relief because our body reacts differently to different pain medications.
  6. Singer

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    Thank you all taking out time from your busy schedules to share your views with me. I have a spinal block scheduled tomorrow. I shall keep you updated on how it went. Hope it goes good. Please do pray for me and wish me luck!
  7. chip

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    Oxycodone has better analgesic effect in most patients under most conditions, period! This is clinically proven.
  8. House

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    This is correct.

  9. Brent Foust

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    Both morphine and oxycodone are prescription opioids. Oxycodone is 50 percent stronger than morphine. These medications are used to treat moderate to severe pain.
  10. Terence Blacker

    Terence Blacker New Member

    No, Oxycodone is stronger than morphine pills. Both are opioid analgesics. These are useful for treating moderate to severe cancer pain.