Jelqing before & after experiences? How long before results?

Discussion in 'Sex and Sexual Health Forum' started by turvell, May 20, 2016.

  1. turvell

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    Recently I started jelqing. It's been a month, but, I am disappointed as I don't see any gains. My routine is to get in to a hot shower, warm-up and do a 30 second stretch in all directions. My starting rate was 100 and now it has crossed 250 per jelqing session. When do I get to actually see the results?
  2. Litt

    Litt New Member

    Hi! I am into my 3rd month. I am in the same boat as you are! But, I did get to see some results around two weeks back, around middle of Month#2.
    As of now, I can't see any permanent gains. But, I am plodding on. My plan is to stick to my present program for at least the next 6-8 months after which I would review, if changes are needed.
  3. Vandarus

    Vandarus New Member

    My jelqing saw me getting results in around one-and-half months' time. After that, I increased the intensity from 3-second stroke to a 5-second stroke. But, at the same time, I decreased the number of jelqs from 150 to just 50.
    I am satisfied with the results as I can see some definite improvement in my erect girth. I can also see improvement in flaccid length but, that is not yet visible in erect length improvement.

    So, for me, the 50 high intensive jelqs seem to work wonderfully. Had I known this in the beginning, I would have done this rather than the low intensive 150 jelqs! Probably would have gained more, too!
  4. Vivian007

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    Great! that's my feeling when I saw this thread! One inference I made is that the average time for seeing some results seem to be in the 2-3 month range. I too, have started recently and am in my Week#5. I can see more visible and larger veins. My flaccid length too has improved but, I am yet to see erect gains. I hope that I'll be able to get some major results. Definitely looking forward to that!
  5. spike

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    I had masturbated immediately after my first JP session and it was the hardest I had been till that moment. So, for me the "erection quality" gain was almost instantaneous. After that, I included Kegels in my routine and things have only gotten better!
    In my case also, I could see that veins were bulkier and newer ones coming up by end of two weeks. One problem is that I couldn't keep consistency. Took breaks that sometimes lasted even weeks. So, I can't complain that there is no visible size gains yet. I do hope to be more consistent and see some size gains too.
  6. House

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    1 month is too early. Try 4 months, you could start noticing some change in either either erection quality, length or girth by then. I have been jelqing for a long time now, I think around the 3 month mark, I could actually feel my penis looking thicker and heavier. Not decisively thicker, but somewhat noticeable. I jelq only 150 reps a day, nothing serious.

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  7. Howard

    Howard New Member

    I have a goal of 2" gain. Now I am feeling disappointed that after one year, some of the guys are reporting a size gain of just ½ inch! At that rate, it would take me 4 years to reach my target.
    My routine goes something like this: 5 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes jelqing, finishing with 1 minute uli, then shower.

    The schedule is like: one day-on, two days-rest.

    Any pointers?
  8. twentyfive

    twentyfive New Member

    I am a BPEL of 6"2. It's a month since I started my jelqing. I see some minor improvement in flaccid length only. My routine goes something like this – get in to a hot shower and allow the body to warm up, do a 10 minute jelq, followed by three sets of 30 second stretching. I finish with a few girth exercises. Any advice guys?
  9. batman

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    @Howard@Howard and @twentyfive@twentyfive
    Do longer duration strokes (5-10 sec), that's what helped me. Also dont expect 2" gains because that happens very rarely. Keep 1" as the goal. Don't forget jelqing is great for your sex life overall because even if one doesn't gain size, in most cases it helps improve erection quality and sexual stamina :)