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  1. hg088

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    I was recently told about this website Must say that I was surprised to know that the site offers various controlled medicines, which is manufactured in Europe, India and Pakistan among others. The site covers a vast range of ailments. You can order pills for arthritis, depression, diuretics, diabetes, weight loss, etc., but you need to check out if it is legal in your country.

    I ordered Imigran and received it within a week. And it was not a dud.
  2. bigfish

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    These guys sends you drugs that often get confiscated at customs. I ordered thrice, and all the three times it was seized, and they had to resend the products. The pills, however, is of good quality. You order it on their site, and they would get back to verify the order. The customer service is also outstanding.

    If they can sort out the customs mess, then it would be fine I guess. But something in their delivery method is throwing red flags to the wrong(or right?) people.
  3. propman

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    I was using this site for quite some time, and there were no issues until recently. I had ordered Lunesta, and it did not come for more than 20 days. When it came, it turned out to be dud. Called up the customer service and they said they would look into it. Assured, I again ordered Lunesta, and this time the wait was for nearly 20 days again, and the pill was once more a dud. I called up the fellas, but this time they simply did not accept that the pill was dud. Feeling very frustrated and irritated, I have decided to never look these idiots again.
  4. David

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    Ordered Zolpidem three months’ supply, arrived in two weeks’ time. The pills were pharmaceutical grade and were bubble packed. Not even one pill was broken or damaged. Though the prices were a bit on the higher side, I am happy with the quality and the reasonable care and time is taken for shipping.
  5. Kingston

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    Ordered 10 mg Stilnox 90 tabs from EU. It has been nearly three months, and I have not received my meds. I called up these guys and every time I got some new version of the same excuse. I finally got fed up and called one final time and asked them to refund my card and cancel the order.

    They agreed and said it would be done in 48 hours’ time, and the amount credited within two weeks. It has not been done until now. I am at my wits end on how to proceed against them.

    One should not order anything from this site. Sheer waste of time.
  6. Pokie

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    Medstore Online was excellent until it started slipping over the past few months. I had once ordered zolpidem and got Lizness delivered in its place. I had placed an order for Somadril 90 tabs 10 mg, but it seems to have been stuck at Indian customs. They gave me a tracking number, but I could not find the consignment at all.

    While waiting for this order, filled two other orders which were approved, but have not yet been shipped.

    If they are not able to fulfill the orders, then they should not take new ones. I now have three orders stuck.
  7. Blair

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    I understand. I ordered almost two months ago and till this day I have not received my pills. Each time I call the chat reps, they tell a different story. One day it is stuck at customs, the next day it is cleared and will arrive shortly and so on. I cannot understand how they can lie so blatantly.

    This site is a rip-off, and one could do themselves a great service if they order from some other site.
  8. Wolf

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    Hmm… I see some angst here, but somehow I have never encountered these problems at all. I order a drug, get a call back to verify the order, my card is deducted, and the package usually arrives in a week or two, but has never exceeded 14 days. Very happy with their services and I am planning to continue with their services.