Nausea days after surgery! how long does it last after general anesthesia

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  1. angela

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    I underwent an ACDF surgery last week and was fine and recovering normally till yesterday. Yesterday noon I started feeling very nauseous all of a sudden at around 3pm. I was lucky that my doc had prescribed Zolfran in case such a thing happens and I had it handy. I felt fine after taking the tablet and slept well last night. As I woke up in the morning, I felt there was a loss in my appetite. I had little food and again by today noon I feel nauseated. I just don’t understand why I am feeling sick and nauseous a week after my surgery. Is this normal? Has anyone else been through a similar experience? Could it be the anesthesia?

    TRISTEN New Member

    I have heard that at times anaesthesia shows its effects even after many days and hits you at a later point. I hope things turn out to be better for you in the days to come. Get well soon. Take care!
  3. angela

    angela New Member

    I had a word with my anesthesiologist and she said the anesthesia gets out of your system a few hours after the procedure and does not stay for this long. I vomited yesterday. I think it could be because of Percocet build up inside my body. I just hope this phase gets over soon. Being sick is not a good feeling at all. I feel miserable.
  4. House

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    Is your bowel movement regular after your surgery? I have even heard doctors say that taking too many pain medications could also cause nausea. And even the anaesthesia could be a major culprit. I too sincerely hope that this phase of your passes soon and you start feeling normal again.
  5. Elin

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    Are you on Percocet? If yes, then no doubt this med is your culprit. Percocet is known for such not so amazing side effects. One more question- Were you taking Percocet before the surgery or just started with it after? If you started it after you op, then I think that should explain your nauseousness. I hope things get back to normalcy soon!!!
  6. angela

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    Umm... let me add, I have a sluggish metabolism. Is it because of this slow metabolism of mine that it is taking so much of time? I hope I am not asking a silly question and it’s related.
  7. ratChaser

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    Try going out for slow morning walks every day and see if it helps. It had in my case, so I hope it works for you too. At the same time, do not overstrain yourself too.
  8. buckaroo

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    You can even try having push fluids and non-alcoholic beverages. It may help a great deal in warding off the nausea. Good luck!!
  9. HotRod

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    The same thing happened to me post my op. Those days are still nightmares to me. I resorted to Phenergan to keep nausea at bay. It was really bad I tell you!! Call up your doctor and ask him if you can take this drug. It is a life saver.
  10. BigGun

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    My doctor had prescribed me a medicine called darvocet, which made me feel the same way like a hangover after too much alcohol consumption. Taking the pills was so bad for me that I quit them and chose to live with the pain instead. I felt dizzy during the first few days after my surgery and couldn’t stand on my own. I was that weak. I think if your symptoms worsen, it would be a good idea to get in touch with your doctor and ask him what can be possibly done.
  11. Pokie

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    I faced nasty nausea on and off for 2 and half weeks post my surgery. I was doing fine when I was in the hospital. The trouble started brewing when I was switched to Percocet from morphine. Percocet was the root cause of my nausea. When I got back home, I was given Phenergan and that was my life saver in getting rid of nausea.

    Also, taking too many fluids like water and juices help a lot. Even when I got out of my house and went for small walks, I felt way better. I think you should try these out too.